Hemmoragic stroke

Hi I am new to this too. I suffered a brain hemmorage last oct which resulted in me having a stroke also. It came out the blue with no warning signs! I had just had my 58th birthday and in good health. So a huge shock and still trying to adapt to my new life! Hopefully this forum will help me thank you :blush:


Welcome. You’ll find lots of support here. Do you have any lasting effects from the stroke? I hope you have support from friends and family.


Morning @Mickymoos


Welcome to the community for stroke carers and sufferers - not a club that you may have thought you’d join but membership is free!!!


Have a look at this if you feel up to it!

If not have a play around and please keep talking to us and sharing and come and join zoom meetings on Thursdays at 1pm or Friday 7pm UK time if you fancy it.

I can send you joining links if you are interested!

I had a series of strokes in Nov 22 including an ocipital lobe hemorrhagic one… pretty much out of the blue too…

And here is a picture of a polar bear just for you!

Kieran :wink: :polar_bear:

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Hi and welcome to this forum. We are a merry (well most of the time) band of stroke survivors who have suffered many different types of strokes. I am 6 years post stroke following a hemorrhagic stroke which paralysed my left side. I was 57 at the time and it was a complete shock. I had never smoked, didn’t drink excessive alcohol, my consultant at the time said I was very unlucky :neutral_face:.

Stroke caused by high blood pressure that I didn’t know I had.

This forum has been a godsend to me, there is always someone on here to offer some good advice and information and I hope that I have made some useful contributions too.

I would also recommend attending a Stroke Survivors support group if there’s one local to you. My husband and I found this to be very helpful and informative and met some lovely people who truly understand what you are going through.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Sue


Hi sue lovely to hear from you sorry to hear you also suffered a hemmoragic stroke at a young age too. My daughter phoned me and whilst we were chatting I started to not hear then not seeing and speech was slurring she came round within ten mins and saved my life! I don’t remember much from then tbh I was blue lighted apparently to my local hospital who then decided to send me to the bigger more specialised hospital 30 miles away where they put me in a coma and my daughter was told I may not survive and/or not have any or many of my faculties left but I my recovery is improving I’m called the walking miracle by my neurosurgeon and docs I walk with a stick and cannot drive currently or work sadly but a small price to pay such a shock to myself and family! I’d always been very fit and able person being a carer for 44 years so had looked after stroke victims so knew the recovery :mending_heart: it turns out now after my angiogram and several MRI I have a rare condition called AVM they can’t operate but are you offering me radiotherapy at a London specialist hospital so going monitored as we speak. My stroke nurse told me to contact this forum to help me and I’m hoping it will . Thank you for your response take care x


Hi Jane yes sadly I have to walk with a stick hearing loss left side and get very tired I’m very blessed that my lovely daughter saved my life things could of been a lot worse tbh I currently can’t drive albeit applying for it back soon or work doing the job I’d loved for 44 years hope you are ok how’s things for you

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Hi Kieran thank you for lost bear love them I give the zoom a miss atm thank you but thank you for thinking of me hope you are keeping well


Morning Mickymoos welcome, several Hemmoragic strokers post here. Mine was a right side affecting vision on left. Bit of a swine but learning to live with it. Have adapted and adjusted well but the Acceptance still niggles at times. Post any problems issues here , we are the boys and girls to help. Keep that pecker up. Paul


@Mickymoos hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us but hopefully you’ll find it a great supportive place to be.

I had an Ischaemic stroke at the grand age of 49 & at the fittest time of my life. It’s a shick isn’t it.

Well done to your daughter for acting so promptly. Great to hear your recovery is hoing in the right direction. Hopefully it will continue to do so.

Wishing you all the best.

Ann x


Hi Ann bless your kind words yes very shocking but we are here to talk of it I suffer with health anxiety now and panic attacks which are not very good at all. I’m blessed with lovely family and friends and being a carer for 44 years I have empathy and compassion for others! I’m a people person also. Take care sorry your here too micky x


Me too, but slightly earlier than you, Sept. I also walk with a stick…I was 59 last month. I exercise daily now, in fact time for 5 minutes on treadmill, right now.

Good luck, and enjoy your recovery,
ciao, Roland


Hi yes early for you too we too young to be suffering I go to the local leisure centre for therapy swimming and pilates and I walk too but get incredibly tired do you ?


Luckily, my brain has good focus and stamina. I only had aphasia for 1 week. Anyway, my leg gets tired after 18 seconds ! which is why 10 minutes per day is a big deal… for me

What about you?
ciao, Roland


Hi @Mickymoos just wanted to welcome to the forum also. You’ll us all a very friendly supportive crowd so don’t be shy to ask for help or even to have a rant when the need arises :smile:


Thank you emerald eyes. Always good to have a rant sadly I’ve been left with no tearful emotions only anger which was so not me before! I miss crying :cry:I liked being a weepy Willow how are you doing now.


Oh bless you I go to the leisure centre each day for swimming rehab aqua and beginners pilates of which I love and keeps me fitter and gets me out to meet new people.


Well, you can take your anger out here too, we can handle it :sweat_smile: I’m doing fine here; I had 2 TIA’s 3yrs ago right side affected. But now I’m just left with mild aphasia and foot drop…which seems to be on again-off again, I wish it would make up it’s bloomin mind :roll_eyes::laughing: and I still have a little niggle to my right hand. I go to Strength & Balance class and a couple of days down at the gym, go walking and am back driving. They have all helped improve things tremendously, especially with the balance…and I can now push a hoover around once again…that was my goal would you believe :rofl: :rofl: