I had a stoke over a year ago but have min stoke as well iam ok but I was told where I was living to get the f__kout or she would bash me this still play on my mind and it makes me shy away from people as I think the are going to bash me and this is a woman that works in care homes I was left homeless and scared of whot would happen but with time it my health but whot see said we’ll play on my mind and new I have plobem with my words any thing I can do about it andy


Shwmae @andy9999, it sounds like you’ve had a rough ride of things, I am not greatly informed about aphasia but the Stroke Association has produced a film about it which you might find informative … When The Words Went Away.


Hi @andy9999 and welcome to the forum, I so sorry for what you have gone through with your stroke and living situation, are you still homeless?

Getting help for people with aphasia>

We want to help people with aphasia get the support they need.
We want to help people with aphasia get the support they need.
Our expert support can help you to find new ways to communicate.
You can order your free Communication Support Tools from 26 May as well:
Call us if you or someone you know needs our support: 0303 3033 100.
We also have tools to help you get online.

You can also try to find any Aphasia/Stroke support group that may be local to you, just click on the blue text here Support This is a fairly comprehensive list for around the country as we as some online sites.

I’m trying not to overwhelm you with too much information at once so I really hope you can find what you need from what we have given so far.

I can be guilty of wanting to help too much and forgetting what it was like back in the beginning after strokes, but from time to time I try to rein it in a bit :smiling_face:

I still have mild aphasia some 2+ years on but no enough to be too noticeable now. Your confidence has been knocked by your aphasia, that is your speech condition as a result of the stroke, in case you didn’t know. That can be improved upon over time with a little work from yourself. Try reading things out loud, that’s what I used to do. Reading and communicating on here also helped me a lot. I’m still a work in progress but at least I don’t sound drunk, stupid or drugged up anymore.

This woman has shattered your confidence and self esteem and you shouldn’t be allowing that, she has not rights to take those away from you, she is not worthy of them no!. She kicked you out of your home and yet you are allowing her and her nasty words to live in your head rent free.

Go into your head and tell her F***off; show her the proverbial boot! Don’t allow her words to rule your life! They are just words and should mean nothing to you just as she should mean nothing to you now. Not all people are nasty and violent, the majority are just normal people going about their business, and you will meet a lot of good people in any stroke/aphasia groups you find locally. They are good for building each other’s confidence and self esteem. I really how you somewhere local, it will give you a whole new lease of life :smile: :people_hugging:

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ty for your kindness ty

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@andy9999 welcome to the forum. Sounds like things are a bit tough for you right now. Others have given you some good advice around aphasia so I won’t repeat it.

Try not to let this woman’s words beat you down. Not as easy as it sounds I know. You could try registering for the Stroke Association’s here for you service which may give you an opportunity to talk through things. You’ll find more info here:

Best wishes


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ty for your kind words and yes I will talk to someone about it if it put my mind to rest and she not a nice person and she works for a care home so whot she doing to the andy

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Hello and welcome to the forum @andy9999

Sounds like you have been having a rough time of it. There is also housing advice on the stroke association website: Accommodation after a stroke | My Stroke Guide Which lists a number of agencies that can give help & their contact info. Also citizens advice bureau and similar high street organisations seem relevant

Best wishes on your journey post a stroke

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