I'm 32 I have had 2 strokes im struggling day to day I've lost part of my sight how are people coping cause I can't  very well at all I keep having melt downs 

Hello Becky, what kind of stroke did you have and when? I had a multi focal bilateral cerebellar stroke in September 2020. Welcome to the forums, we all try and help each other as much as possible. Recovery is difficult, but we are all on the journey together. I am 45.

Morning, sorry to hear about your stroke but this site does help.

Had my stroke in March, I didn’t lost sight but it’s since been blurry so Iv had to see an optician. 

Trying to stay positive helps I know it’s hard but we can’t give up. When did you have your stroke?

Sagittal sinus thrombosis and left ICH is what it says on my discharge letter 

I just feel sat as I have kids as well 

Quite an uncommon cause of stroke. I have kids too, four boys. It is quite disheartening, but we've all got to be brave regardless of how strong we are.