Dear all,

I am so worried. My mum eventually came home on Tuesday. We decided to have her full rehabilitation done at home with a multi team.She is being fed with NG tube . She has been coughing before leaving the hospital. Coughing colourless phlegm.However, since yesterday she has not been able to keep any food down. She keeps vomiting. The doctor is not saying much aside from giving her injections. Did anyone experience this? Not sure what we should do to help her.

I wanted you reply to you as you don't seem to have had a reply yet. I'm sure somone with more knowledge than me will reply soon. I'm sorry this is happening. Is it still going on? Hilary

I hope your post remains available for people to see, so that you will be offered some support. You may need to re-post, as the page only shows the most recent posts.  Sorry I don't have any information on this specialised treatment, but someone surely will ?xx

Thank you so much for replying. She seems to be a bit better after the injection. We are plan to document how she reacts  to some meals with and without the injection.

Thank you.xx

Keeping a record is an excellent idea.  Many stroke survivors or their families, have kept records relating to progress, diet, exercise etc.  It's a great work of reference for future situations - it doesn't need to be too lengthy or time consuming, just important points.  Good luck.

Hello Lsly,

I'll start by saying that none of us on the forum are medical professionals. We can share our experiences, however.

Your mum sounds to have swallowing problems - also called Dysphagia - these can cause any and all of the problems you describe and is probably why she has an NG tube. Her multidisciplinary team should therefore include a Speech and Language Therapist who would work with you around this.

That said, if she is trying to eat and drink as she did prior to her stroke, you should ask for advice on whether this is appropiate. I was completely unable to swallow immediately after my stroke and drinking water led to my developing double pneumonia. I was only 43 at the time and therefore young enough and fit enough to overcome it, although I felt more ill than at any other time in my life.

I can't stress enough how dangerous the risk of pneumonia is. Mum may want to eat or drink as she has always done but it is really not worth dying over. After the pneumonia, I listened to my therapists and did fully recover my swallow in time. I know other survivors who now are fed using a PEG tube into their stomach. One carries a small container that he spits into rather than swallow the saliva his mouth produces.

Ask if there is a Speech and Language therapist assigned to Mum and also check if the team feel she should be eating and drinking.

Take care now, all of you,



Hello Damian,

Yes,she has dysphagia.She is still fed via NG tube since her stroke in October.After the injection,she stopped vomiting. We are keeping a record of her daily meal. She has a Speech therapist working with her. 

Thank you for your reply.

I am a stroke servivor can anyone tell me is there a app for my stroke guide I have a android tablet... I am coming up to 88yrs my tablet is a god send stay safe every one Dolly

Hello and welcome Dollymouse,I am another 88yr with an Fire tablet which has been a wonderful companion along the Stroke Highway. I had taught myself to use a PC ten years before my stroke just to be able to surf for holidays and travel etc.I managed to travel the world and experianced meeting wonderful people and places.I am so glad I stayed so active and healthy which made it hard to cope with the stroke but my daughter  got me an old tablet fo use in hospital.It was so useful and although I could not write and my hand often went adrift I got crosswords done.Since then of course I am home and although physio is not possible I try to keep moving but find myself sitting with my fingers swiping Google for all sorts, I still do crosswords and games and use this Guide too, hopefully you will get your tablet sorted and you meet us all soon.Good Luck stay on the survivers highway X sonia

Hello Sonia

Thankyou for your email

Stroke guide wrote to me and said they are hoping this year to get an app.. In the mean time I have put it on my desktop on my tablet so I can get to it better

I am being good not going out not mixing like I said my tablet is a god send... I look up all I want to know on YouTube like all crafts old and new... Play games use kindle for any craft books I want I try and keep myself busy... Yes every one gets a down day but I just say tomorrow  will be better.... Yes the stroke has changed me I was very active now I get good days and not so good days but it goes.. Thanks to my android tablet I just get on that and mess about... I crochet.. Loom knit.. Do diamond painting just take my time as things don't work fast anymore with things in the body won't work... But I get there

Stay safe love Dolly


I am not sure why you need to use an app. The Stroke Guide works fine on my iPad using Safari, the standard web browser. The tricky bit can be entering the username and password, but these can saved once and retrieved easily.

Great to hear that you are using a tablet. I find my iPad is invaluable and helps with my recovery. News and books are so much easier to read on a tablet.

Stay safe!