Hi my name is debs, my husband Colin suffered a severe stroke on 29th march and had been in hospital since

He is paralysed down his right side and cannot speak

Whilst he's been in hospital he caught covid which thankfully he has got over

He's off to a rehabilitation facility in the next few days

I haven't seen him since the first of April only on his I pad daily as the hospital is on lock down and the rehabilitation place is which is two hours away

I just feel helpless I phone 5 times a day and write letters and send pictures

It's very lonely for me

I can imagine your loneliness. I hope you grasp that the hospital staff will care for Colin and ensure he gets the medication he needs and the scans etc that help.

Rehab will be good. Many of us dont get rehab and it is a major thing to help him through. I hope he is determined to get improvements and not just wait for you to arrive on scene. When you do get together, please note that it is up to Colin to want his recovery. No one else can do that for him.

I recovered from a substantial paralysis and a less severe aphasia. Things will improve.

Best wishes

Colin ( yet another one of us) 

So sorry Debs to hear about your husband, I hope he will make progress and be home with you soon. Its such a shock to the system and awful to think he had covid as well. He is obviously a strong person to have got through all this soon and hope he continues with recovery. I had stroke on 6 March but came home and had family stay with me as they werer scared I would get covid19, With the help of physios exercise and videoes am recovering slowly, but hard work and frustrating dealing with it all. I hope your husband is home with you soon and with the help of all the services will be able to progress slowly. We are very lucky to have all this help available. Best wishes for recovery, try not to get too despondent about it all, he has been very strong to get this far. Best wishes Rita