Hi every one, iv had a really bad week. Iv struggled with work ( u have got no idea how much i didnt want to b there). Yesteday i was off n im normaly up between 4 n 5 every morning i didnt get up till after 8 n sat in front of tv all day, didnt even brush my teeth n shower till 5ish. Now today its my 2 nephews birthdays they are 4 and 1 n i really dont want to go to the party. God im fed up. Sorry for the mone just needed to get it out. 

Always feel free to let all your emotions out. It does help in a big way. I remember my physiotherapist telling me that when I feel bad, when I feel like crying let it all out. I find after crying, sobbing uncontrollably or simply saying what I am feeling or thinking I settle down and I am ready to face the world again. 

I hope you have a good time at your nephews' party. You don't need to pretend everything is great. Just sit, rest and relax and be with your family and friends and take the chance to observe others. You might find it amusing and interesting.

May I share with you my mantra which helps me a lot, especially when I am feeling down and frustrated? Persistence, determination, courage, patience, acceptance. Every movement counts. (No matter how small, difficult, tiring they are.) 

I wish you the best. Hope you feel better - physically, mentally, emotionally - soon. Have a good weekend to recharge for the next week. xxx

Hi Ruby, thank u. Xx

Hi, sorry to hear that you're struggling, think this is an everyday battle. I think that maybe your body was telling you to take a rest yesterday. I hope you managed to enjoy the party. Everybody needs to be able to have a moan now & again take care x

Hi katy, thank u. Party was ok only stayed a little wile. Im back home. Just had shower n im going to put a nice film on. X

Hi - you've had some great advice, and hopefully you feel more uplifted today.  When you're really down, there's only one way to go!  Eventually these bad days pass.  You can't fight the fatigue, and you will find your own pattern and requirements for rest.  Every time you rest, you're giving your amazing brain an opportunity to heal and re-wire, so see it as a positive thing.  Take good care xx

Thank u, i do feel a bit better now. Im in bed watching tv. Ayisha. X

hi just had the same feelings been back at work for afew days normally early but struggle with jobs i normally find really easy do not want to go to crowded places ,i feel sickness and hangover headaches i had my stroke 8th july i hope this is normal as first time on this doctors just told me to do as much as possible but getting different fed back from different doctors ? how are you coping 


i had my stroke in December and felt like this at first, everything was overwhelming and things I used to do without thought were now a big deal. I found there wasn’t a lot of guidance or help and felt like all was trial and error and it was scary. Feel much better than I did then but some days are still bad. Everyone’s journey is also so different.

how are you doing now?