Help widget on the forum now

We’ve embedded the support widget on the forum now. This allows you to find answers to questions about how to use the site and forum.
This feature has been available on the content site and we’ve been working to bring it to the forum. Typing a question will bring up articles that can help you find answers. If that doesn’t work you can fill in a form for the team to respond to. The purpose of the widget is to provide support using the site.

We’re working to improve the mobile experience as we know it might be getting in the way so we’ve changed the label to a question mark icon to save space


After a bit of casting about, not sure what I was looking for

Found it !!

Thank you muchly for this addition

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:

Bottom right of window, blue disk with question mark - see below


? A question mark is a great idea! Thanks for that, I can never find stuff.


You explain it better than I do @Bobbi


I noticed the help function had appeared. It should be really useful.

I think you’ve mentioned it above but on the mobile app it is slightly in the way when typing in the bottom right of the box. It’s only a problem if you need to tap there to correct a mistake or start typing from there. I make lots of mistakes :rofl:



there’s a at least one teething problem that definitely need a little tiny polish

Also pls Can you give some examples of what you think we might use this for?

it is help on using the my stroke guide website that is now in the middle of the my stroke guide forum !

The page you get taken to when you hit the question mark doesn’t tell you the context of the question mark is going to be help on something completely different to the context your currently in so that’s rather disorienting

For example I tried the following searches,

  • trust levels
  • "trust levels”
  • financial help

The first two returned nothing useful about the forum. The last one contained nothing relevant about the forum but was about the website including such topics as digital technology which maybe did something say something - It had the topic of registration. It also had “\Ud8d3” Which I guess is the hex for enable bold or purple font or something

I’m a mobile user ie the app. I’m on Android but I don’t think that is material - The question mark is now firmly over the mechanism that allows one to preview a post for layout and format so that functionality in the mobile is now completely inaccessible in either screen orientation with or without the keyboard displayed because the question mark moves

Lastly you said in a recent post that you are consulting the users of the forum about changes you decided to make. There doesn’t appear to have been any consultation, nor even description of the changes that are coming? If you have a user representative group they aren’t communicating on further. The net effect is still the same -unannounced changes.
I suggest that curating a community isn’t a technical activity but sociological one that requires understanding of the ways that smooth the introduction of change rather than an alienating experience?

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Hi all, we’ve moved the widget up a bit on mobile while we work out a better solution to position it. You can still get to the help centre by clicking on the “Help using this site” link at the bottom of the page as well. This isn’t a new feature; we’ve been using the widget as a support tool since we switched to this platform nearly two years ago. Most queries we get are forum-related so it makes sense to embed this tool here too.
We’ve also fixed the text layout at the top of the forum homepage which displayed as columns on mobile.
Let us know how you get on with the help widget.
Thanks for all your feedback.


Aww fab thank you that makes it a bit easier. The text layout is much better too thank you.

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Hi Clement
I can see the screenshot so I believe you, but I’m not receiving that behaviour here.
Ive restarted the app, I’m not aware of any cookies or buffers to flush, are their propagation delays for refreshes of servers?

Any suggestions?

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Thanks for moving the widget. It’s now possible to scroll what’s underneath so one can engineer access to stuff which wasn’t possible with the previous location

PS it’s showing at the bottom of the edit window not just below the menu for me but it’s fine where it is now

If you select the widget while editing a post or topic the page you get not only doesn’t tell you the context as reported above ( maybe just retitle it?) but there is no way to close that purplepage. The only option you get is to close what you’re editing and the help page stays open

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Hi Simon, seems to be an issue with the Discourse app itself. It doesn’t recognise styling changes to either desktop or mobile views. I’ve raised it with the developers and will let you know of any updates,


Hi Clement
Have you been fiddling with the “?” Widget? Because it’s back in front of the chevrons to allow post to preview.
Since it moves with the screen there’s no way that that particular component of the UI can now be accessed

If you haven’t been fiddling with it then the UI is manifesting itself in different ways with no traceable difference in the sequence of operations immediately before it’s display

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This had me going on my phone to check things out as I normally only use pc for access. I’ve got to admit it’s looking like a stroke forum now and an accessible forum one too. I could easily have managed to muddle my way through with my stroked brain back at the beginning of my stroke…and the air wouldn’t have been so blue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Thank you for all the hard work and effort you have all put into making this the wonderful community it has become for all who are linked by stroke.

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Is there a status update on getting this? Widget out of the way of the chevrons in the user interface when using a mobile?

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Any ETA on this?

Moving it up the screen half it’s diameter would make my everyday life much easier. Better yet would make it floating like the quote tag that appears when highlighting a post

You also said something that I took to mean “how to use and what it does has been explained here”
I’m confused because I can’t see it.
could you reply with a link please