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hello all a quick question i have tried to view the videos i can only get access to leaflets and not the video library any advice please?

Hi @Neelam.halari

You should be able to see all our videos here on My Stroke Guide: Video library | My Stroke Guide

If that isn’t working for you, you can find all of our videos here on our YouTube channel:

Does this help at all?

Hi , not relevent , to this ! Can you cancel or advise , Stroke book , posted , to me , no longer required ! Thanks David
Rumfitt .

Hi @David3
I can certainly look into this for you. I will message you directly to see what we can do.

Hi there, I contacted Stroke Association after coming out of hospital and got free booklets which I found very helpful, viewed videos for a while in early days then felt I must move on. What I hadn’t appreciated at this time was that all Strokes are different but many have similar outcomes. Was puzzled why some survivors could go back work or drive , abseil run marathons travel abroad, even was puzzled by how some Survivors could read, watch TV, play musical instruments etc, Ok didn’t take into account what their lifestyles were before Stroke. Finding this forum was a godsend. Fantastic group of kind knowledgable people who share their problems, victories and advice.


what you have to think about is all strokes are different, and not all symptoms are the same. I wish I could do a fraction of the things other ss can do
regards Chris