Help please

Hi all, my dad is taking me on holiday at the end of sept. I have no idea about flight socks or what i can wear over them. I would normaly just wear jeans but dont no if i can now. If any one has any advice i would be greatfull. ( by the way my name is Ayisha. I no i come up as christopher but that is just my user name)


Hi Ayisha! Have a lovely time. I suggest before you go on holiday you try the clothes that you would like to wear. See if they are comfortable and will be easy for you to put on, with the least or no assistance at all. You can wear anything you want over the travel socks. It is your safety and comfort that matters. I use a splint and compression socks to support my affected leg when I go out for errands and a bit longer walks. I wear whatever I want to wear and if the splint and compression socks show, well they show. Again, have a lovely time. :-)

Thank you so much. I will try my clothes on befor hand so i know. That is teally helpfull. Thank u