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Hi All

I have been asked to go for a bubble echocardiogram next Tuesday. On Friday I had a letter to go for an echocardiogram next Wednesday. Are these not the same thing?? Any advice on what I should do. ?

Hello Rach,

I have had both the bubble is specifically to look for a hole in the heart, they create very small bubbles with saline and your blood in a syringe and put into the blood stream at the same time using the echo to see if the bubbles go straight into your left heart chamber, if they do you have a hole if not you would. With the echo they generally spend more time looking at the heart and all the pipes etc to see if they look ok... it was two different machines for me!


Hi Malcom

Thanks for the reply. To me it just looks like they are doing the same thing twice. I really didn't want to spend 2 mornings up at the hospital. Suppose I'll just have to go for it. I just want to be free for a bit, if you know what I mean.

Hope you are ok ?

Hi Rach, Yes I know what you mean it can be draining with everything but positive they want to do the tests as I hear some don’t get them and then the reason for a Stroke might be missed. I would have thought they could do both together but the bubble is the specific echo just looking for a hole...

Good luck!


Hi Malcom

That's what I would have thought. Just want tomorrow out of the way - seeing the consultant. I've got to see the eye specialist tomorrow as I've got swollen optic nerves (since Aug 17 - diagnosed with intercranial hypertension). I'm hoping it's all linked to high BP.

Have a good day!

Rach ?