Help in Portugal

Hello all. My mum has just had a stroke while out in Portugal. She has been in hospital but has now been discharged. My sister, who lives there, has been caring for her and my Dad and had been told my mum would be transferred to a rehabilitation unit but she has now been sent home instead and they don’t know what to do next. Does anyone have any advice about where to get support? Thanks.

This may help, but I would phone the Stroke Association helpline too.

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I hope I can help in some way. I am originally from Portugal, although I live in the Uk now.

I have seen your message on the forum and called the stroke association in Oporto, my original city. However, the lady explained to me they need to know what hospital your mum went to, what type of stroke it was and so on to be able to help you further. I will give you the number both with the international dialing code and the direct number in Oporto. Please ask to speak to a lady called Paula. 00351226168681 or 22 6168681 I sincerely hope I have helped in some way and that your mother recovers well.