Help improve our website and My Stroke Guide

We are working hard to improve the support offered through our online sites - and My Stroke Guide. You do not need to be a user of our websites to take part.

Role - Interviewee - 30 minutes

We are looking for people to take part in Interviews about the support offered on our website and My Stroke Guide.

We want to include your voice to understand what is most useful in a post-stroke journey.

When – a flexible choice of:

  • Tuesday 3rd May (morning)

  • Friday 6th May (morning)

  • Monday 9th May (morning)

  • Tuesday 10th May (morning)

  • Wednesday 11th May (morning)

  • WhereZoom (Support can be offered to use)

  • Who – We are looking to speak to a range of stroke survivors, family members and carers.

8 roles available
We are working with an external company called Outlandish. We will need to securely share your name and email with Outlandish to be part of this project.

Contact: Jenny Stephenson


Shwmae Jenny,

Would be happy to provide some feedback but I fear the bracketed morning slot might not fit in with my awful insomnia.

Cofion cynnes

Hi Rups,

Could you please let me know a time that would suit you better and I will check with the interviewer if they are available and come back to you?


Shwmae Jenny, I am compos mentis after 11 am, and happy to Zoom any of the suggested dates.

Thanks Rups, would you be able to drop me an email on and we can arrange a time and have an email to send you the Zoom link for the session?

Many thanks,


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