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hi had a significant stroke in February, I’m making a good recovery, not quick enough for me though! I’m 48 and finding the cryingvasbd tiredness very hard to cope with. The loss of the use of my left arm and hand has meant the loss of driving and my independence it’s only me a d my 15 year old son who has been amazing but I’m sure he doesn’t quite know what to do with this different mother who leans on him so much I have fantastic family and friends but I need to know that it will get better this feeling of doom is hard to lift 

It's a slow process after a stroke ,I had a stroke in January then 8 weeks later I went back to work because I felt fine then I was at work for a week then wham had another stroke , so please don't rush .your family need you  from Dave E

That’s awful, did they say why you had another one? I thought the medication we were o. Was meant to stop that 

Thank you for replying to me it’s all very confusing 

Thank you for sharing with us. 8 weeks is far far too early. Maybe 8 months, but even then you need to be phased in to work. Are they both full strokes or is one of them transient (TIA or mini stroke)


They were full strokes . I went back to work because I only got SSP and was worried about paying my bills ,and I thought I was ok my wife said you are going back to early . I wished I had listened because it made me worse my left side is weak and my memory is bad and my speech  Dave e


I rushed back to work because I thought I was ok  please listen to your body it knows you best Dave e

Sound advice Dave.  I always feel very worried for SSs who try to go back to work too quickly. It's a natural reaction, to want to feel that everything is ok, and often financial issues necessitate a return to employment. I also wonder if we were all better educated about stroke, there would be greater understanding of the recovery process, and expectations would be adjusted to a more realistic timescale for a return to work.  

When the return to work is deemed appropriate, it is then important to have a sensible phased return - no way can most people return to full-time employment, it has to be a gradual process.  Think long term, and as Dave says, listen to your body - best wishes ?

Thank you 

Oh my goodness. Back at work so soon. I can see the financial problems for you and many others. But I dont think its something you can plough forward and hope. Your brain needs rest. Lots and lots of rest.

I wonder if anyone at the SA can advise on getting some financial entitlements ? The system really ought to be there for you when you are in this position. I used to be a whizz at social security but that bit of the brain has neatly wiped out such knowledge.

I had hoped you had had TIAs but not so. I find one stroke more than enough to cope with. HOw you cope with two I do not know.  You must be  strong man

best wishes





The websites and give information on benefits. Alternatively try the CAB.

That's ok that's what we are here for to help each other, have you tried getting in touch with life after stroke center center at Bromsgrove phone 01527 903903  they have learning & activities they may be able to help  they help me Dave e

We are still trying it's like getting blood out of a stone thank you 

I’m in Northern Ireland and I’m struggling to find groups 

Try this stroke association. They dont cover all areas (and in fact not my area) but they will give you info.

I have found the Doctor reception and the stroke unit areas to have good info. My village church has come up with amazing assistance.

It is good to meet at  a local stroke group. They really understand what we are going through.

Keep working on that errant left arm. Your fantastic brain can work all sorts of miracles. Just gently remind it that you want to connect with your left arm.

drink lots of water. Your brain is a bubbling cauldren whilst it does its repair work and so it wants extra water. And your brain neither feels pain nor can it tell you its thirsty.

The stroke that got me was not massive, but I was pretty heavily paralysed to start with. Now I have reasonable mobility with everything. Things do improve. Slowly, but they do improve.


Have you tried searching by your postcode here:


The Stroke Association is quite active in Northern Ireland as an organisation, but I am not sure what the local groups are like. I've only been aware of 1 meeting in Carrickfergus (where I live) in the last 12 months or so.

I'm in ni aswell. Haven't found any that arnt for the elderly ? x

Hi Johanne 

im 47 and nearly a year on. Found the worry and not knowing the most difficult. Very little information given to me at the time but found this forum really useful and a comfort. Take care. Jacquie 

Thank you 

Thanks Colin