Hi all,
I had a bleed on the brain, 2 weeks ago, im now back home and trying to get back to work. I'm lucky as i work from home as a graphic designer so I can ease myself back in. i Feel lucky as things could be worse and my main problem is my left hand seems to  be a bit unco-ordinated and typing is now very frustrating.

i cant do as many projects as before so im not earning as much which is a worry. does anyonwe know of any help thats available as  being self employed i have no sick pay.

i was just getting my business going well and this happens to me, im 46 and i really feel at times almost angry that its happened.

any advice will be appreciated - hope everyone is ok :-)

Hi, some of it is not applicable but it gives background. I'm Peter, had a stroke July 2018. I'm 66. 

 Something you may consider trying:-.

I took to manipulating my right arm and fingers, using my left arm, mimicking everyday actions ie move my arm & hand to scratch my nose, to pick something up etc etc. After 4 weeks I could move the arm and hand independently but with limitations. For the next 3 months, while in rehab, I started copying the alphabet at first (initially indecipherable) until boredom set in, then copying poems etc etc. I also used colouring books with intricate patterns to hone the fine motor skills. I found it cathartic as well as therapeutic. I have managed to get about 95% of usage back. 

The takeaway for you could be the writing and the colouring. Give it a whorl.

As for anger, that's a difficult one. As you will know its unique to the individual. I'm no psychologist, but I think my own anger was from the suddenness of change, rather than a slow decline into a more sedentary life. You may see similarities driven by your changes.  How do I deal with it .? Like a pressure cooker, I chose a controlled venting by swearing at and ridiculing inanimate things. Never people. Also, do it with a smile.

Hope this helps buddy.

thanks Peter, i'm going to try your colouring/ drawing its right up my street.

with regards anger, I'm probably being precious as I often find myself thinking 'why me?' im not a bad person, why doesnt something like this happen to people who harm animals and children. i think every person who has suffered something must think this.

im not special, i get that, and maybe this will be the making of me if i get over this... i think a bit of venting at inaminate objects will help :-)

thanks for taking the time to reply to my post



Hi, I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage in April 2019 . You're very quick at being back home and working. I unfortunately lost my job because I couldn't give a return date due to waiting for the DVLA to send me for a driving assessment and make a decision and now due to covid I'm still waiting hopefully not for too much longer. Have you spoken to the DWP to see what you may be entitled to?. I understand the anger as I did feel very angry at times that my whole life had been turned upside down and I had no control but it does get easier. I found "a letter from my brain" on Google really helpful. Good luck with your recovery.

Hi Katy
Thanks for your reply, the nurses all said that i was doing very well and good that i could get back home and working. In my own bubble im still frustrated that this has happened.
I hope your recover goes well too, reading other peoples stories puts things into better perspective and of course the ways we all cope.
Every day is a new day with new doors that can be opened :-)


Go onto the main stroke association website there's a section there for financial help/ advice etc.


Dont rush back too soon. I did and now back at home. The headaches were killing me. I'm having trouble pacing myself.

Good luck. I didn't feel angry but I was definitely shocked and took me age to get my head around the fact I'd had a stroke!


Thanks Claire, im kinda stuck between feeling happy to get back into work in terms of feeling normal but im also very aware that i do need to take a softly, softly approach :-)


nosorry to hear of your stroke,it's early days for you still, don't try rushing anthing.hard not to but your brain needs to mend and catch up with everything.after the shock of having a stroke I was angry as well for a time but I realised you can't change it so go with it.i still have slight left sided weakness a year later but it does get better slowly but surely.try to stay positive but don't bottle anything up.remember you're still aive+kicking,you can always work harder at your business when you're better.look after your health.it's frustrating at 1st but does get easier honestly.you might learn to work around or do things differently.best wisheswink

Thanks Bernadette, that all makes perfect sense!

laughhope your getting well,I don't know if this would help you but I found some cards online,I think they were from the stroke association?(memorys abit lacking) they say I've had a stroke be patient if i have trouble speaking,hearing etc.and also don't be afraid to tell people I was at 1st but they do understand when they know.good luckyes

Thanks Bernadette, i feel stronger this week, its slow progress but ive come to terms with it, I wont just go back to how i was overnight, I just need to keep plugging away!

Hi. Have you looked into claiming ESA (employment and support allowance)? https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-allowance/eligibility

Thanks Pam