Hi my name is Linda. I have suffered two strokes this year, in January and May. I am 67 and lucky to still be mobile. Damage is to my peripheral vision, this has impacted on my ability to type and use the internet , I sometimes cannot think as quickly as I need to speak or vice versa but all in all and making a slow recovery most of my problem has been down to to the coronavirus. doctors and medical professionals have been engaged on other exercises and obviously dealing with the virus was the most important thing at the time I had my stroke and had no aftercare a proper understanding of what the stroke have done to me and what I was suffering from this left me feeling very depressed and I suffer from anxiety and up until this time I've never experience what anxiety felt like I just thought I was literally losing my mind. loneliness depression I haven't eaten for 6 weeks and was really very ill I had to give up my home and move in with my son outside greater Manchester. this put me in contact with the stroke association based in Stockport and in all honesty it has been a turning point for me learnt what a stroke is how it affects me and things I can do to pick myself up turn my life around a bit and move forward I am now part of a group called headspace and all I still suffer from anxiety I am eating properly again and have good days and bad days when I feel anxious and I think what I really need is someone else to  talk to hopefully someone listen to and help them through the bad times that we all experience. I have been very lucky haven't received an amazing support from my son and daughter-in-law and their family I have had to give up my home and I presently I'm looking for somewhere else to live closer to them preferably in a sheltered accommodation type property. life is so scary still so so much fear so much anxiety. sorry to ramble on but if I can be of any help to anyone or anyone wants to talk to anyone and please drop me an email I'm happy willing. Love and best wishes to you all Linda


Hi Linda,  this is carlene just checking you're ok , I too am going through anxiety, and I'm often scared . So I definitely know where your coming from.i had my stroke in January this year and I'm still on the sick , but hopefully going back to work in September. Please email me if ever you need to talk . Hoping your doing ok x

Hi Linda I had the same as you stroke in january and one in May no explanation why. The anxiety levels I'm going through. is horrendous I'm thinking every tingle is another on, having trouble sleeping and concentrate on anything doctor has perceived anti depressants but they makey ou) feel worse before you get before you get better. I try to talk myself down from panic mode but not easy.

Hope things calm down for you soon