Hi all, I'm Caroline, 38 years old and had an Ischemic Stroke on 17th Jan 2020 at 37 years old. 

I'm a fitness class teacher as part of my job so fairly fit and healthy. 

I had a bad cough from 21st December for 2 weeks, flu type symptoms as well and just felt completely exhausted. I went to the doctors on 3rd Jan after trying to teach classes and struggled with the cough being from my chest.

The doctor said it was a bad viral chest infection and signed me off for 7 days from teaching.

7 days later, I taught. Felt okay. A week later, I had the stroke.

It was caused by a Spontaneous Carotid Artery Dissection. The consultant thinks it was triggered by the virus I had and physical activity as I have no underlying conditions.

I was lucky in receiving surgery to remove the clot within 4 hrs of having the stroke and have gained full physical ability back.

I'm still in recovery and struggle with tiredness, not being able to sleep, concentration, not liking too much noise. I also struggle with Covid-19 and the fact that my work is closed so I don't know when I'll be returning. The unknown is not easy especially having had a stroke just before it all happened. 

It feels like my recovery in a way is on pause. 

Hi Caz, just want to agree with Jane's reply.  The timing is never good for a stroke, but everything is really in a muddle right now, but at least you had good treatment, in terms of removing the clot - that will have definitely improved your outcome.  At the moment, it's vital that you get lots of rest, whilst your brain tries to re-wire and re-group, plenty of rest and water will assist it in its vital work!  By doing this your recovery will continue behind the scenes, even though you may feel you are on pause!!

Take good care xx

.Hello, my name is eVee.I am 57 (. Feel like I’m at AA - sorry for the flippancy) I had a stroke in March 2020. Just before lockdown.  I had a migraine and got into my cardrive work feeling shit.  Had to get my husband to pick me up from the stationFor 5 days I was in bed thinking when is this going to go away.  After a while my husband got in touch withmy doctor who recognised it as a stroke.  By this stage I could not see.  Who knew that a migraine presents the same as a stroke?   I am recovering but have haemanopia.  My left have vision is compromised.  I had a very good job before the this and I know that I have not been effected as seriously as other people but I cannot see a nendto this.  I feel my life is over.  I am so sorry if you think I am pathetic - “ oh woe is me” but I. Feel lost. 

Hallo Evee Im sorry you are finding it hard at the moment to accept everything. I too had a stroke in March this year. I had driven back from Portsmouth to Oxford and woke early morning after going tobed with aheadache to find I could not move me arm and leg down right side. Fortunately ambulance came very quickly. I am 77 but felt very fit before and had been swimming 3 times week. It is very frustrating especially the stroke fatigue but I understand it does get better so think positive. Theres such good support now with physios exercise videos and helplines so use everything you will get there. I have use of my right side now but have days when my arm is weak and stroke fatigue is awful. Make sure I do Tai Chi in Morning and thenwalk round park or garden. Some days I feel like crap but others days better. You will get there Evee we have to think positive, and I always think there is always someone worse off than me! You will get there its such a young age to have a stroke and must have been a shock to you but look forward not back.  best wishes Rita

Hi Jane, 


Thank you for your respons . 

Gyms still not open so still a waiting game. 

It's a bit strange as I extended my sick note 8th June to 8th July and I've now extended today till 8th August. They may announce in the next week about reopening gyms which if they do means I actually have to look at when to go back. I'm not worried about going back but I guess I haven't thought about when is right because it's been closed. 

How are you getting on? 

Take Care, Caroline 


Thank you for your reply. 

How are you doing?

Take Care x

All good thank you.  Hope you are gaining strength and that you will be able to return to your work in some capacity.  It's good to see that things are beginning to improve, but it's still a long journey.

Take good care ?

My name is Maggie.  I had  stroke a year ago and made good progress with help of lots of physio ... Had to stop physio due to recent restrictions but so restarting.  However I feel my progress has stopped, it is still very difficult to walk, I have no use of my right arm and I need the left for my stick.  I don't know how to get  motivated again.

Maggie, there are exercises on line. Joe Wicks on youtube has seated exercises for seniors and if you google physio to improve arm after stroke you will find other sites.

I had worked my way back to doing three exercise classes a week, but lockdown meant these had to close. Lockdown is demotivating anyway and it is hard to avoid low moods. Try to utilise your weak arm and leg as much as you can in your daily activities. Every little movement helps.

My best wishes to you.

Hi Maggie you will get motivated again , and you will be walking . Things are slightly harder at the moment , for all off us but we will get through this . I hope your well today , and we will speak again soon x

Hello Maggie. I had 4 strokes 10months ago I seem to be walking a little with a stick. Also when out I would hold the other persons arm. I have hit a brick wall with walking and don't seem to improve. I have permanent tiredness and weakness. I find it difficult with excersise as I have osteoarthritis and breathlessness due to heart problems. So like you I come to a full stop wlth recovery. Keep smiling. Keep in touch. I find reading the stroke guide daily helps me with depression. Love judy

My dear evee. 10 months ago I had 4 strokes. One of them like yours was in a migraine. I lost the top quadrant of my left sight I am still the same and was told it was damage. Can you see anything at all. I have pieces missing from the left sight. It takes ages to write and read. Stay strong.. Love judy

Hi Judy, thanks for your response.  It's good that you are able to walk with a stick, it doesn't matter how slowly, or how far you can walk, one thing we all have is time, if not energy!  Maggie

Thanks, Abbijamie, fingers crossed for all of us.  Had a fall this morning (no damage done) but falls are a constant hazard, we just have to plod on!