Hi am charlotte I was 43 when I had a stroke it has made my right side leg /arm very slow (saying like it has gone a sleep with a ton on it walking hard but my arm trying hard to move about I also have speech problems ( I sound like a child and act that to) I have been moved on to a brain team ?? I lost 35% of brain to all I want to do is drive my car and go home at the moment living with my mum because my county don't have a stoke help so move to be near for help I also need 24 hour help no remember just feel life is just passing by me with everything that's going on but I am not getting any better 

Hi Charlotte, welcome to the forum. How long ago was your stroke? I'm sure you will get a lot of information and help from others on here. Good luck with your recovery, Katy x

Dear Charlotte

I promise you that some recovery can be achieved. And recovery can come at any time, there is no time limit.

There are books about people losing part brain, just like you, and then amazing recoveries. Andrew Marrs is one of them. Do watch him when he is next on TV. Only another SS would even identify his issues.

Be positive

Smile a lot

And ask anything, lots of us are here for you

Bless you, Colin

100% agree!!  Always someone on this site to support and encourage you.  You're not alone xxx

Hi Charlotte.

Welcome to our group.

I hope you are feeling ok.

Say anything you want to on here, ask anything, if we can help you out we will.

Take care