Just thought I would introduce myself as I feel I may be on here quite a bit. Early days as mum only had her major stroke yesterday following a couple of small ones. 

Just in early stages of assessment but no right side movement or speech. She is still a bit in and out of reality but is already frustrated with no speech.  

This looks like a good place for support and information so looking forward to catching up with you all soon.

K xx



Welcome to the board, Kazzy. You are right! It is the place to come for support and information. We also cheer each other up from time to time??. I’m sorry to hear about your Mum’s Stroke but you will read amazing stories of recovery on here which give great encouragement. One very useful thing to do is keep a short diary of her recovery. When you look back at progress over the next couple of weeks, you will pleased to tell her. 

I’ll leave it to others to add their welcome and support, but remember, you have to look after yourself as well,

Veronica and John ??

Thank you for you kind reply. I have started a diary for her just so that when she has a low  day I can show her how far she has come.