I suffered a stroke in 2017 in the doctors waiting room. I had some weakness at 6am that morning but it was momentary and passed. I must’ve felt worried albeit subconsciously so made an appointment for 11am that morning. The stroke happened while I was sitting waiting to be seen. I felt normal, there was no pain and I was aware of everything. I just couldn’t speak or stand up. I was fully conscious the whole time. In the ambulance I remember being really scared and crying. My speech and movement kept coming and going. I was given a drug and then it was decided I would have an operation to remove the clot. Down in theatre my speech and movement returned and they decided the operation wasn’t necessary but back up in the ward it went again.. I woke up the next morning unable to speak, walk and move my right arm. I remember thinking how can this be. I’m active,don’t drink or smoke and eat healthily. Subsequent tests showed absolutely nothing wrong. It's been a long process with a lot of hardwork but I am now back working full time as a teaching assistant. I’m still a work in progress , walking without a stick but with a limp. My arm is still making progress but I’m still unable to drive and I can’t write or doing things with the right hand. My speech is normal. I sometimes feel like I’m talking slowly or slurred especially when tired. Tiredness is a huge problem along with depression. I have times when I’m scared, when every little thing is a worry and I feel like I’m never going to be in a relationship because who would want me . I’m divorced so the prospect of meeting someone new is daunting. I’m new to this site as it’s taken a long time to admit that I had a stroke but reading some people’s stories had made me realise I’m not alone and what I’m feeling is normal so thank you




Hi Sherry. Thank goodness you were in the doctor’s surgery. You have certainly come a long way in terms of recovery, but, like all of us, fears lurk in the background. These will ease further, but I think that the body stays on high alert after a stroke...just in case.

I am sorry you worry about relationships, but love overcomes disability. Please stay positive and I hope a happy life lies ahead of you.

Hi Sharry

I had my Stoke in Jan 2016 , it affected my speech and right arm and hand. It took my 5 month before my speech started to come back . It took me a further year to get back to as near normal . Most people don't notice now. My hand hasn't im proved as much I still find it difficult to write. As I am quite prac tical i still get annoyed with myself on nuts and bolts ..screwdrivers etc. I still can't feel objects much . I hoping it will still improve but after 2.5 years maybe it is it. Fatigue was I major issue for ..it took me 15 months to get back to work full time. But I can say after 18 months I felt normal . Stroke can take so long but you just got to hang in there. Treat yourself now and again ..your alive. Book a weekend in a nice hotel. It could have so much worse.

Thank you for deciding to share your story, so pleased that you have made such good progress.  You will continue to regain confidence and strength as the weeks and months pass. Having a circle of a few good friends and family (and colleagues), will be important to you and you never know what lies ahead - love may appear when you least expect it, but in the meantime focus on yourself - love and respect yourself, you have met a challenge and come through the other side.  We look forward to reading further news from you.

Take care, best wishes xx

Thank you. I know things will get better but it’s all so slow. I’m used to being active and on the go so life can be pretty frustrating right now. Also used to being the giver so asking for help doesn’t come naturally to me. X

Try to accept help or support if you can, it won't be forever, but you would clearly do the same for your friends, they'll be glad to help if they are true friends, and they will respect your need for independence as you make progress.  It will help you to deal with the fatigue if you can hand over a few tasks.

Love yourself, others will love you back wink

Hi Sherry, It sounds as if you have made a lot of progress and being a TA is a hard job. My stroke happened a year ago, and like you I had a good,  healthy lifestyle but sometimes non modifiable risks lurk and it might be genetic. We take each day as it comes and are lucky to be alive and active. My right side is weak and I had to learn to walk again and my right arm is not functional, as the physics say! But I hope it will work one day and you will keep on making improvements, too.

Stay positive and love may come along. 

Thank you. It’s a hard struggle no matter how hard you try and stay positive. It just feels so unfair sometimes-especially when your tired and you’ve come across the simplest of task which now seems a real effort-to achieve. It’s good to know I’m not alone though. I hope you manage to stay positive and that you continue to make progress.

sharry x

Well done Sharry. Positive is a key word.

You most certainly are not alone. Lots of us out here to share our ways of coping.

Keep trying and never ever give up.



Hi. I had my stroke last April, I managed to get back to work in the September. I was at the gym when I had mine, thought I was getting a migraine and less than an hour later I was in hospital with weakness in my left leg, facial weakness and a useless left arm. It was a struggle but I managed to get back to work and driving. I still am affected by tiredness and I've seen a counsellor. I split from my husband August 2016, he blamed himself putting me under stress and also blamed my diet but it turned out I've got a hole in the heart. Still see him occasionally because of my stepdaughter but he now stopped asking how things are and were they 100% after I squeezed his hand with my left hand. I'm scared of meeting someone because I'm self conscious of the slight side effects I've been left with. But I would like to meet someone but it's just taking that first step.


i fully understand how you feel. I have just come out of a 8 year relationship. I had my stroke 18 months ago and felt impressed that he still wanted to be with me. The end had nothing to do with my stroke. But I now feel really sad and quite desperate some times that I’m not in a relationship . I feel like who would want me. I’m really self conscious of the way it has effected me. I walk with a limp and my right hand is not what it used to be. I too have all my faculties, thankfully and my speech is fine. Except when I’m too tired to talk or listen! I guess it means we have to be kind to ourselves. Relationships will come. Whoever it’s with will not be bothered by whatever we feel self conscious about. They’ll see past it and love you for you. You have to believe in yourself and people will believe in you. Anybody who doesn’t isn’t worth a relationship with you.  I know it’s hard but lift your head and be you. The world is made up of lots of different people, with different abilities and everyone is worth happiness . Whatever that entails. The best is yet to come x