Hello not sure where to start

Hi guys

My mum has recently suffered a huge stroke at the age of 74 up until this she still worked (covered the odd shift) drove, looked after my 2 kids when needed,lived alone very independently in a 3 bed house that is her childhood home 

She has been in hospital for a month now and is slowly making some improvements however she can't speak properly or stand and has limited movement in her arms however her brain seems to still be intact she can remember everything and knows why is happening around her 

I'm not sure what to do next or what help I can get with costs and healthcare when she is finally allowed home the doctors have said she is medically fit to go home however she is not physically fit 

Can I get help with alterations I will need to make to the house and what kind of support will she get when she gets home. I work long hours and so does my wife I have 2kids and don't have any money to help with any costs I know my mum has a small amount saved but not enough to start converting the house 

Any advise would be gratefully received



Sorry to hear about your mother. Depending on where you live your local stroke association coordinator will be able to point you in the right direction for accessing help of all kinds. This is area dependent as to what help is available as CCGs commission differently. The website will have contact details for them. Hope this helps. Jackie

Hi Tony, As Jackie has pointed out,the Stroke Association can help, but your mum will  probably be taken for a home visit before being allowed home. This will be to determine what adaptations might have to be made and what aids she might need. After my home visit, Age UK put in an extra stair rail, hand grips and a seat in my shower. This was all done free of charge. I was also given Zimmer frames,a commode and a wheelchair. I also had to sleep downstairs for three weeks.

Jackie says, quite correctly, that support varies across health authorities. In addition to the above I had six weeks physio and occupational therapy every day at home. This taught me how to get around my kitchen and get up and down stairs. After that, I was referred back to my stroke hospital for physio once a week. I also had visits from our district nurse.

If I were you, I would ask the hospital what will happen before discharge and afterwards. As she lives on her own, she might need a care package. As she recovers, she might be able to do online shopping. I found that a great help.

I am lucky, because I have a partner and we are both retired. I wish you, your family and mum all the best. I hope this reply helps.