Hello my name is Tony

Good afternoon
Well just had an phone call from my consultant after 9 months from discharge
Now I know why ime getting electric shocks
Apparently my brain is testing my nerves and healing big relief now I know and not to worry about it
I asked about feeling dizzy and off balance they have been trying to stabilise my blood pressure for years now it’s too low an other tablet dismissed yippee one less to take

@Tony2 im glad they’ve been able to put your mind at rest a bit. Always makes you feel so much better when they provide answers even if they’re not what you want to hear sometimes.
Hopefully they can sort your BP too then the dizziness will ease too. Yay.

I took my BP about 1,30 after buying one from boots this morning advised to buy one from my doctor to keep an eye on it read 102/72 I was told my average should be 135/80 well if that’s the case it is far too low

Don’t forget though, your blood pressure will change throughout the day, depending on what you have been doing.

Just as I suspected but you need a trained doctor to confirm.