Hello my name is Tony

Good morning all
I was just wondering I have been getting what feels like little electric shocks they can happen any where feet arms legs
I can have them for a couple of days they started off quite strong but now have subdued
Then they can disappear for weeks on end
The doctor does not know what it is not the stroke nurse I just wondering if anyone else has experience off this
Tony 2

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Shwmae @Tony2, do you think it might be nerve related? I used to have a similar feeling next to my left eye. Recently, I have had a sharp sensation in my two big toes, and left leg.

Morning Tony. I think these come from the brain making new pathways or checking on ones it has created. I still get these occasionally and a quick jerk on my stroke leg that lifts it. I am nearly seven years post my big stroke in 2016.

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Good morning
I have the same thing docs says I have a restless leg they put me on ropinrole 2mg which certainly helps it means I get a reasonable nights sleep instead of my left leg kicking out I have kicked the wife on several occasions

I had hypnic jerks for a period of time, they would tickle me as they always surprised me out of a reverie. The oddest one I had was my mouth jerking but mainly it was my leg. I occasionally get them now but not frequently.

Hi Tony 2. I’m 5 years post stroke and often suffer from muscle spasms on my affected side which can sometimes be quite painful, sometimes it 's my arm and sometimes it’s my leg. It mainly happens at night when I’m in bed and relaxed No one has been unable to explain why this happens.

I have the same problem with my left leg and it’s only when in bed and I’m fully mobile
Doctor says I have restless leg syndrome I know how you fell when I kick my whole body shudders and it can very painful just ask my wife she has bruises to match went to Doc he prescribed ropinrole and it does work only set back is if I take one in the afternoon it makes you tired my night dosage o take about 2 Hours before bedtime