Hello my name is Tony

Hi I’m tony
I had a stroke last Xmas.l was lucky I only lost my ability to talk eat and drink blurred vision in my right eye
It all returned In a couple of days and due to the encourag ntof the physio dept I was up and walking after 3 days only problem is I have lost my balance.l was a very active person cycled 50/75 miles a week and in-between 4 rounds of golf I have never given up hope of regaining my balance
My NHS trainer now has got me walking about 6 miles a day I also attended the gym 3 times a week so there is light at the end off the tunnel oh by the way I’m a young 68 lol

@Tony2 welcome Tony. Sorry you had a stroke. I had a stroke last Dec too although still not walking that far :grimacing:
Sounds like you made good early progress which is great to hear. If you continue as you are I bet you’ll be back cycling very soon.
Best of luck.


Thank you Ann for your kindness and encouragemrnt

Welcome Tony. So pleased you are making a good recovery.

welcome Tony. My stroke was a little bit before yours in September and I too have problems with my balance. I wasn’t as fit as you obviously were to begin with but have managed to start cycling again by putting my bike onto a frame and convertng it into an exercise bike. It might be an interim solution for you as you can take it off again when you start to cycle properly

Thank you for your kindness and encouragemento hope your are on your way to recovery I really started to lose my balance till April my doctor thinks my blood pressure is to low so we start from scratch more polls lol

Thank you ime working to fitness back it’s been hard and ime not giving up

Hello @Tony2. Welcome and I hope this forum can provide you with help and support as it has for me. My balance has also been affected. I ran alot prestroke and also cycled. I have used my older mountain bike which I find easier to manage with its big tyres and over time have gained confidence which is inherently linked to balance. I have to over compensate for wearing a patched right lens on my glasses for the blind spot but there is still improvement 13 months on in terms of my balance. If in doubt I pull over to check behind me. This limits how far I go as 40-60 mile days were the norm when I went out with my husband but I continue to persevere as safely as I can. Just to be able to be on a bike again is an achievement that I will not give up on. My physio gives me exercises specifically to try and improve my balance and coordination and although I hate doing things that are difficult and often fail at I realise there may be unknown benefits even at this late stage so I keep working at it. Wishing you all the best, Julia

Shwmae @Tony2, sorry to hear of your stroke but glad you are making progress with recovery. I have heard that balance balls or balance boards are useful. I have not used one, my external balance is good but my internal balance is like a wobbly jelly.

Thank you for your input I shall certainly try them I think we have them in our gym might be better than tightrope walking

Welcome to the group glad your recovery is going well with kind regards des

Hi Tony, thanks for sharing. I loved cycling pre stroke. I haven’t regained use of my right arm and therefore can’t ride my old bike. My right leg is still weak too, We’ve got me a second hand recumbent trike which means I can cycle again! Love it. And very good challenge for the right leg too. Hoping to upgrade to a newer model soon that folds so we can take it away and go for longer rides. I recommend looking out for one if you want to cycle again. Good luck

Thank you for your info I will certainly look into that as you say there must be someone who make these you never know I might invest in an e bike lol but at the fuel prices now god knows I wonder if anyone makes a windy one with elastic bands lol


Maybe, Sanderson’s coal fired steam cycle may find a market under current energy crisis.

Rups know you do a bit of mowing how about a steam powered lawn mower fed by Welsh coal. Maintained gardens around steam collection and owner always dreamt of acquiring the only steam powered lawn mower that survived. All his steam collection ran on a grade of the highest qualityWelsh coal.

A ride on steam mower, this is a rather good idea.

I was given balance exercise too do you place a mat or a box probably 6 inches high then step up and down if you lead with you right you come down on your right backwards of course for 10times then reverse this exercise
Best place to do it is in the kitchen beside your work tops as you have something to hold on if required I hope this helps

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