Hello. My Name is Moira and it is my first time

Like I said my name is Moira and I had a stroke on 24 Mar 2022. I was out of it for a number of days but came round to a very different world. My vision is affected in my left eye and my speech is severely affected. I am mobile but tire quickly and I am as weak as kitten. I’m sure this site will help me in many ways.


@moira.mcgeough Hi Moira, welcome to this lovely friendly forum although sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke. I had my stroke last Dec which also affected my vision. I had lots of flashing lines in front of both eyes, everything had moved left on the page and left eye muscle weakness (didn’t know about the muscle until a few weeks ago though). Thankfully my sight returned quite quickly and I hope yours does too.
As with everyone the fatigue, which it sounds like you’re getting, can be awful and finding a way to pace yourself is essential. Be kind to yourself and rest when you need to.
Good luck on your recovery journey. Look forward to hearing how you’re getting on.
Best wishes

Ann xx


When you’ve had a stroke you come up against lots of limitations, things you can’t do places you can’t go.
Obviously you have already had to confront a bunch of these but you have discovered a means to express yourself, by putting up a message on this forum. Being able to use a keyboard and screen, gives you strength opens up your vision and makes a huge world open to you. Make the most of it.

@moira.mcgeough As others have told you, you are among friends who are pleased to share their worlds with you. Keep coming back and share your experience, ask your questions, offer your advice, all this makes this place rich and rewarding.

as ever
keep on keepin on


Welcome Moira. You are still in very early days. This will improve with time, just try not to overdo things.

Thank you for all our welcoming and heartening messages.

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welcome Moira. Its early days for you and there is so much support here


I’m so sorry to hear about your Stroke and how has effected you I hope things will improve as time goes on I only had my Stoke 4 weeks ago but time has stood still feels like months ago x

Hello Colindlynch, You very new to the effects of a stroke, as you say you feel like time has stood still. Since I have at that feeling has since I returned home, but I still feel two steps and back most days. I comfort myself that at least there is some forward movement . Moira

Hi Moira , welcome , there are a few of us here who have been left with visual problems also some who’s vision has improved or even recovered I hope your in the latter group but as you’ve managed to find us I’m sure contacting us in future shouldn’t be a problem. What was your recovery prognosis? (Love that word) I have some permanent peripheral loss from both eyes on left and after 18 months learning to adapt and adjust. Grateful for my remaining vision and get a lift when I see something unexpectedly, recently what I thought was a mouse turned out to be a very bold cheeky robin and managed to see a violet in hedge bottom so stay positive and let us know of any improvements Pds

Pds, my vision in my left eye is quite badly effected, the optic nerve seems to responsible. There doesn’t seem too much hope of recovery. My right eye is much better, which I am very grateful for. I liked your story about a mouse which turned out to a robin. Moira

Hi Moira how are you coping with this predicament? You mention you still had reasonable vision with your right eye. It’s a blessing being mobile but take care when gadding about I’ve come a cropper a few times but nothing serious.How’s your speech now, any improvement ? Can appreciate the difficulties. Attend a stroke support group so familiar with the problems you are up against.I’m in south of England and boy is it hot, never liked hot weather and the forecast is, it’s not going to move on soon. Keep us posted your not alone. Keep that pecker up. Kind regards Pds

Hi Pds, I’m doing OK. I have learnt my lesson after two falls, no harm done but it taught me to take it slowly. Like you we are melting here in Lincolnshire. Moira

Hi Moira my Mum andDad lived in Holbeach , I need hills and hollows and trees . Hope your not stuck out in the remoter regions my sister use to be on the mobile library and go all over Fens. It’s a blessing being able to get out , but be careful.you have to look on the positives at all times when I came home to shift those grey clouds I use to go out and walk and list all the positives in my life and realised I was a lucky fella, ok ! What happened takes some getting used too but 18 months on so grateful to be still here with all its problems , so keep your Pecker up and let us here know what’s going on. Now off to water my Toms. Pds


@Pds I envy folk who grow their own produce. Saves money, (I’m the original tight wad), and tastes better too, you and yours are so lucky to reap those benefits.

I’m on the look out for some cuttings. Know anyone with a few green fingers to spare?

Hi Bob after a while you start to build a picture here about folk from the fragments they post but I try not to let my imagination gallop away.with me.I use to compare myself to others here early on, big mistake my wife would say you have no idea what they did or were like before. I imagined I too could jump on a bus or train and stomp up a mountain . Always an outdoor type so still able to potter but volunteering for conservation projects will have to put on back boiler. Meant to thank you for a post a while back that I took onboard when I got out of bed the wrong side one morning and was a we bit negative

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