Hello lovely people, my Wife has had 3 stokes and here is her story so far

Hello, to all you fellow survivors and carers of those who have survived a stroke.

My wife has had 3 strokes since December 2021, the first one (in December) was a very minor stroke, then in early June I noticed she was acting a little strange one morning and recognised the symptoms straight away, she’d had a ischaemic stroke it turns out, thankfully we live 10 mins from Luton & Dunstable Hospital and she was in a bed in the emergency ward within half an hour. Unfortunately she suffered another stroke whilst in hospital quite soon after arriving there. She spent 4 weeks in on a general ward then was moved to the accute stroke ward, she is now in a rehab centre in Bedford, she has been in there for just over 3 weeks.

She is also suffering with stage 4 CKD, she probably would have been on dialysis by now if it wasn’t for the stroke, so she has a lot going on… but is remarkably tough under the circumstances.

I have a lot of questions and I’m sure I will find a lot of answers on the forums, there’s no better place to ask than from people who have already been through similar situations.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.


Hi Jane,
Thank you, that’s much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

@mikeyoung welcome to the forum. So sorry to hear about your wife’s strokes & other issues. She sure has been through a lot. It must be difficult for you too as you will be worried I’m sure.
Ask away on here. There is lots of experience to be found.
Best of luck to your wife on her recovery & remember to be kind to yourself too.

Ann x

Welcome to our forum. There are many here to help you as best they can.

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Hi Ann,
Thank you, that’s very kind, yeah she is going through a lot, no question, but we’re taking each day as it comes… and staying positive :grinning:

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Hi Loshy,
Many thanks for replying, yeah it looks to be a great place to get information and I’m already feeling a lot better, knowing people are in a similar situation and reading their individual stories is very reasuring.
All the best.


Hi mikeyoung - One thing that might help both of your peace of minds is to try to find the cause of your wife’s stokes. Are the doctors working on that? I was advised to see a neurologist and a cardiologist as soon as I left the hospital. The cardiologist found that I had afib (I had been totally unaware) , and that likely caused the stroke. I was immediately treated for that. Feeling that I am doing something to prevent a future occurance has helped my frame of mind. Also, there can be wonderful recoveries from stroke. The body and brain can do amazing things, but it takes time for the brain to heal and rewire, so don’t be discouraged at the time it takes for healing. Just keep on keeping on. There are folks on this website that have a wealth of personal experience and ideas that may help. Welcome, and I will remember you and your wife in my prayers tonight. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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Welcome, this is a great forum and has helped me with many issues, whether it be just reading other peoples stories or finding answers to any questions you may have .

Welcome @mikeyoung , sorry hear about your wife’s stroke. Hope her recovery goes well, these next few months will be difficult but hopefully also positive.
Lots for you both to get your heads around but many people on here willing to help answer questions based on their experiences.

Your care and support will be invaluable for your wife but remember to look after yourself too.

Good luck to you both and I’m sure we’ll see you on here soon

Hi Mark,
Many thanks for your reply, yeah it’s been quite a journey so far, but things are improving slowly… I’m so glad I got in touch with the forum, it has been a real help and it is great to hear from people who have been through the same thing my wife and I are going through, so I’m very grateful for the help :slight_smile:

Hi Jeanne, many thanks for your reply… yeah that is interesting, it seems so long ago that she had the stroke I’d forgotten about asking things like what caused it in the first place, I will look into that as soon as she leaves rehab. Yeah I can already see the improvements and how the brain is trying to rewire itself, the body is an amazing thing, no question :slight_smile: I’m loving the forum, it has been a great resource and hearing from fellow survivors and carers has been a real comfort, thank you all! :heart_eyes: :+1:xx

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Hi @mikeyoung - Welcome to the forum and as you have seen already from the feedback/comments to you post, there are many here who will likely be able to help you with any queries you may have.
Wish you and your wife all the best.

Wow what a time you have had… Thank you for seeking to understand your wife’s journey. Very precious. I have prayed for your family as I read your story thus far.

It is not over and it sounds like progress is happening. One foot forward again and again… Care givers are so important to our mending. My family keeps me exercising, hoping, getting out. Make memories, give yourselves permission to laugh at failure, remind each other of progress. Enjoy each day.

Hi sorry about your wife…how did u manage to get the residential rehab we had our physio cancelled and just left with nothing and no one seems to help us get rehab unless its private.
Many thanks