Hello, just had a TIA at 42

Hi All, I'm brand new here on the forums.  I'm 42 and on Saturday suffered a TIA.  My signs and symptoms were altered sensation in the left side of my face on Friday and then woke up with a slight left side droop Saturday.

I've been put on 75mg aspirin until I see the TIA clinic and have dopplers etc done.

Many years ago I used to work on a community stroke rehab team in Portsmouth (I'm now in King's Lynn), so was not as overwhelmed/intimidated etc as I imagine some folk may be.  The emergency consultant asked what he'd left out for next steps laugh

Would be great to connect to others with similar experiences, anyone here in West Norfolk?


Hello GigiLish, welcome to the forums. I hope we can be as supportive as you need. Glad that you caught the TIA quickly, I had six misdiagnosed TIAs over a three month period before a major stroke in September last year. I live in South West Wales, so not too close to West Norfolk. smiley

Welcome to the group all the best 

Welcome on board gigilish

do think about your lifestyle and activities. You will know better than anyone that a TIA can be a warning shot. A full stroke can ruin your life whereas at your age you have so many years to enjoy. 

I am East Anglia, but couldn't be further away if I tried, north east Essex.

I rent a holiday flat in East Wittering and we get lovely views over to Portsmouth. This time of year sunsets can be utterly fabulous as The Witterings beach lines up with the sunset. I miss our weeks down there. 

best wishes



hi, very sorry to hear about your stroke, i had my stroke 7 months ago, 51, with the support of people on here and stroke group (locally), am making a fairly reasonable recovery i guess, (tho' i have never know how to gauge it) and have mainly rested/taken things steadily for these months.  still a massive shock, i don't know anyone personally that has been through a stroke,,thanks