Hello I'm new here

Just wanted to say hi. I've just joined (although I'm not a recent stroke survivor). My stroke was 5 years ago. I'm still working on my recovery. Driven and determined! That's me.

Dear Pamelai1


Wellcome to the forum. I am sure you will find everyone has supportive as I have, I could not have done it without everyone supporting me here.

May I ask, my husband is almost two years into his stroke, eschemic, he has made some recovery, but very slowly.

What effects did you have from your stroke please? My husband has been left parallysed on the left side, unable to eat and partially doubly incontinent, it is hit and miss if he needs the wc.

What improvements have you seen in these five years since your stroke?

I hope you are safe and well with lockdown.

Dear Pamela

Welcome to our little group.

I too am five years post stroke. 
it was another world in 2015 and for stroke survivors things have come along a lot. But not much help for us long timers. Especially as the NHS are otherwise occupied.

Was it a clot or a bleed . I am a clot.


Hi Colin. I had a bleed. I was away with work at t he time (120 iles from home) and spent 6 weeks in hospital there until they could get me back to my home town. I was in hospital for a total of 4 months. I tend to judge how bad a stroke is by how long someone was in hospital. I think mine was pretty bad.

I've made lots of improvements but still got a way to go. When i came out of hospital I was in a wheelchair and ouldn't even get myself to the toilet (oh how I missed those little things you take for granted. Over the last five years I've worked very hard and now can walk unaided. Although I don't venture far by myself. I could walk to the local supermarket, get myself to and from town (and the pub). Not much ndeed for any of that this year so I've been working on the detail of my walking - getting rid of y foot drop support and doing more cooking and some baking. I'm sure your husband will continue to make progress from where he is now. It is hard work and progress is slow but if he's up for the fight he can do it.

Me too Pamela and,like you, mine was a bleed whilst on holiday. They got me back to my home county after four days. I was then in rehab for six weeks. Like you, I'm fighting on and have much to be grateful for.

Dear Pamelai1


Thank you so much for replying, this gives me hope that John will one day walk again.

I am dealing with a lot of negative physiotherapists, it is difficult to find someone who is positive and fights alongside us.

I am so so glad you have recovered so much, it is indeed a credit to you, may you continue to recover, god willing.

Hi I'm fairly new. My stroke was in 2017. It was mild and I just have mild gait ataxia. You sound very positive: driven and determined. The reason I joined is that I was looking for like minded people and I also don't want another stroke. I also had two seizures after the stroke. I am on loads of medication.

Yopu're right I am very positive and determined. Its just the way I am. Sorry to read you're on loads of medication. i'm fortunate not to be on anything.

Yes it makes you re evaluate what's important in life. And its certainnly not work!

Mine was a bleed. Yes the NHS have much more pressing issues at the moment. I've found a physio working with me via Zoom, as does my personal trainer, and I've got exercises from an ARNI trainer (action for rehabilitation from neurological injury). It all keeps me busy. I'm determined to get something positive out of this strange time we're living in currently!

I thought everyone went on a blood thinner and a statin. I also have to take a tablet to stop the blood thinner eating into my stomach. That's all the stroke tablets but I'm on medication for a pituitary problem, a mental health problem and epilepsy. They all seem to work. I'm very lucky. 

Hello Pamela It is lovely to hear that everyone is getting better even though slowly  I  had my stroke in 2017 and wasnt disabled as such  but my head is always the same no improvement I have got to have blood tests to see what they can find I am hopeful they can find what is causing thie awful feeling in my head it stops me being able to do much at all as I have got dreadful balance problems. Norma 81 yrs young.

There's a UK charity called ARNI who have trained people to work with stroke survivors. They also do DVD and books with exercises. Might be worth looking into them as an alternative to physio if you're finding them to be quite negative.

Mine was a bleed so no blood thineers for me!!

Hope they find out what's causing your issues Norma and get you sorted. 

Keep fighting!

Oh, I didn't know what. I must look it up. Best wishes


Thank you for replying very kind.

Hi Pamela

I looked up bleeds. Apparently taking blood thinners can put you in a risk catergory for having a bleed. I suppose you've got to balance risks. I probably should do more research. On second thoughts I might just take my chances. What do you do?

Hi - If your stroke was caused by a bleed, blood thinners make it worse. Thinners are usually taken for blood clots so they don't form - or shouldn't anyway!