Hello! I'm a new member?

I'm new to you all. My stroke was on 21st July 2018. Hope you all are well. 

Hi Suzanne - thank you for joining this site.  You will find lots of friendly people with many experiences, and they will all share their stories and support you on your road to recovery.  It is still quite early days for you, it is worth trying to browse the site if you can as there is a lot of information and guidance.  Keep posting, look after yourself xx

Thank you for your lovely welcome words. Take care xx

Hi Suzanne, welcome. As Nic says, this is a lovely supportive site and there are lots of personal stories and first hand experiences to draw from. Veronica 

Hi Veronica, 

Thank you for your welcome words. 

Take care xx

Welcome to My Stroke Guide Suzanne!

I am sorry to hear about your stroke, as the others have said you will find lots of information and support on here. 

If you need any help with using the site, either send me a message or email mystrokeguide@stroke.org.uk

Take care


Hi Suzanne, 

Had mine in January 2018, coming up to anniversary next month.  Hope you are coping ok laugh


Dear Suzanne

Sorry to learn of the stroke that bit you. But welcome to our forum.

How have you done in the past five months ? Are any of the symptoms worrying you unduly ?

Mine was 13/12/2015 and I am still learning. Gladly will shre my experience if there is anything you want to discuss. No two strokes are the same, but many of us share many symptoms.

Lots of us are here for you



Hiya, I'm coping quite well with my speech but it's the consentration I'm finding hard. I know it's only 5 month and it will all get better with time. Hope you are you well ☺ 

hi suzanne welome hope your ok this is a great plave everyone is so freindly

Thank you, it will take a bit to get used too, hopefully soon.

I'm fine hope you are too. ☺ 

Welcome Suzanne. My stroke was on Easter Sunday 2016. Lots of good folk on here.

Thank you for your welcome words. Hope you are well ☺ 

Hi I’m new on here. My stroke was in June 2018. It has taken me a while to accept the changes this made to me and find new ways of doing what used to be the simplest of things. It has been great reading about how others have overcome problems I’ve been struggling with and some I haven’t even attempted to over come yet. I wasn’t offered any help or support after my stroke so it has been me, myself and I (plus my Jack Russell) finding new ways each day up until now. Thanks to everyone who’s wrote about how they have overcome their own struggles. I’m looking forward to trying some of these new and ingenious ideas along the way now ?

Hi Amanda, 

I agree with you. I have had an amazing amount of support and learnt such a lot from the contributors to this site. But as I have said often it's such a shame that we can only see the last 10 posts. If you can't login at the right time you could miss something that will help your recovery.  Guess we'll have to wait and see what the New Year brings.

Happy Christmas ?


I honestly didn’t realise we could only see the last 10 posts and probably wouldn’t have for a long time, it doesn’t make sense unless it’s a server issue to do with data storage. I hope this changes too, as stroke survivors are so different, the more information available to us all the better the future will be for everyone, especially people like me who have had no help from anywhere else. Hope you have a great Christmas and new year??

Dear Amanda

I almost missed your post and I do like to reply to any newcomer who has had a stroke lately.

If they cover your area, I belive the stroke association might be able to give you a "co ordinator" which might help ytou a lot. The stroke association dont cover my little corner of Essex, but the staff at my GP surgery looked out and gave me contacts, especially a voluntary group who run stroke groyps. They are so helpful.

Many of us want he old forum back. That was so much easier to follow, especially when we are so wobbly after a stroke.

This site is hard. You can see older posts by looking at each topic. But at first all you see is the ten most recent posts. I missed you and only "found" you because of a reply to you when it appeared as a recent posting. The SA are looking at improving things.

The help I got on this (old style) forum was wonderful. In particular I had three "angels" who coaxed me along the recovery path. the Angels were stroke survivors a year or two ahead of me.

There is so much to learn.

I promise you that things improve. Very slowly in the first two years then even slower after that. But things get better. 


best wishes.


Hi Amanda

I'm so sorry to hear of your stroke and the concerns this has raised.

You could contact the stroke helpline and they can find out whether there is a stroke coordinator in your area who can support with the physical, emotional and practical needs of a stroke. The helpline's number is 0303 3033 100.

Take care and I am so pleased My Stroke Guide has been of benefit to you.


I agree with you and have fed back the layout of my stroke guide forums and messages is poor. It would be good to have an app. These things cost money maybe we should try and raise some money for them.

This is a great tool, just needs a bit of development 


Hi again 

After feedback received a few months back, we changed the initial layout so the last ten forum posts showed, but you can view more than the last 10 posts by going to forums and scrolling through all posts - the last posts always appear first in each forum. The storage on here is not an issue. 

Hope this helps Amanda, 

Vicki :)