Hello i am new to the site

hi i had a hemorrhagic stroke 10 weeks ago , while at work , i am a 51 year old chef . the stroke ward and community stroke team in Nottingham have been amazingly supportive , with my recovery , i had left side weakness in my face , couldnt  speak and no movement or feeling in my left arm or hand. The sensory and speach support was daily to get feeling and movement into the hand and arm and then after 6 weeks i was put on the CIMT programme for 14 days this was very hard ,frustrating and time consuming but persevere and i had lots of support from my family and community stroke team , the results have been unbelieavable lots of movment and dexterity in the left hand and arm, really worth doing if this available for you , i continue to improve and work hard onphysio and have a cerebral catheter angiography on Monday to gain further info on what is happening inside my head , i know it is hard to cope , stay positive ,little wins, i hope you all continue a positive journey to a better you , i will update when i have my results , take care all Alan.