Hello from Sevenoaks

I am Graham. I'm 57 years old, and had a brain haemorrhage in July this year. I had a hypertensive crises; my blood pressue was 248/148. I suffer bad anxiety, debilitating depression, loneliness and sadness. I walk most days, but find myself often overwhelmed with emotions and feelings.

Welcome to the group Graham. Though I had my stroke three years ago I can sympathise with you on depression and loneliness which I get from having bipolar affective disorder as well as having had a stroke. Its early days yet and you may not be familiar with certain emotions and feelings. You will find good friends on this site. Hilary

Hi Graham, welcome to the site.  You will find lots of support and encouragement here.  There will always be someone to offer you a friendly word, and you can have a good old rant should you need to!!

Please don't feel alone, you have now found a group of people who can give you advice, and will always look forward to reading your messages.  Thanks for joining up! xx

hi Graham 

 I was same age when I had an ischemic stroke, now nearly 5 years ago 

 it is a life  changing event and brings with it a huge amount of grief, which often people don't talk about a lot. not only the loss of thongs now, but lost futures too, if that makes sense

 it is great you can walk. that can be very healing. I lost that completely at first but have recovered it to some extent though nothing like it was, and it was a great love of mine. so thats been incredibly hard.

 things will ease up. it is just really slow and then slower.  walking will   help a huge amount no doubt about it.  press on 

 thanks for the post

 take care