Hello Everyone

Hello everyone,
I have had two strokes. One in aug 2022 and the other in Dec 2023. I am 51 and I used to have a really good job…so I have always been a survivor. I do things myself. I am smart and confident and attractive. So that is the way that I lived life. When problems came I would just put on my big girl pants and get it done. So when i had my 1st stroke i was so concerned about being ill and whether people where going to push me out of the way, whether they were going to feel sorry for me. Because I cant do the work. So i went back to work in Nov 2023…but i could survive. I wasnt able to do my thing. I was tired all the time and could catch what was going on. Eventually my job was up was give had a conversation with my lead and i left. sine then I have been of work. Which has been good actually I say I am on my healing jounery. Normally i feel quite positive…but I had a job interview on Fri…and I didnt get it. Which has made me feel a bit down. So I just thought that I would write this to say hi and maybe talk to people. People who understand what i am going through. And maybe have some advice for me. Healingmysoul1972


Hi & welcome to the community. Sorry to hear of your 2 strokes. Life does have a habit of tripping us up when we think we’ve got everything sorted. It sounds like now is a good time to be having a break from work so you can concentrate on getting yourself fully fit again.

Sorry you didn’t get offered the job. I always tell myself it is their loss & that something better is around the corner for me. You could ask for feedback, if they’ll give it, so you can look at how you can showcase yourself better next time. It is a tough job market at the moment with so many people applying for few jobs so try not to feel too down about it.

Best wishes




I’m into my third year post stroke.
Part of the problem in my opinion isn’t so much the stroke, it is more how we and those around us feel about it and the effect it has on everything.
It is definitely an up and down thing and dealing with that can be a trial of its own.
A trouble shared is a trouble halved , so use this space to find your feet and discover you aren’t alone.

keep on keeppin’ on
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Thank you so much for reading and writing me back. I really appericate it. Yes @Bobbi a trobule shared is a trouble havled… @Mrs5K Thank you so much for reading and sharing with me. I guess the truth of it with me is that I can’t talk to anyone else. They see me and they what to beileve that it is me…but it really isnt. I dont mean to sound down…i guess i just feel tired. Still trying to be the best that I can…


Welcome to the forum @healingmysoul72 & sorry to hear you’ve been hit twice. I found once was bad enough but you are correct that people that haven’t experienced a stroke can’t really understand how it permanently changes you.

I’m sure you will land on your feet soon enough but try to take the time to stop and re-evaluate your priorities. Your health must come before all other things and I’ve found that since my stroke, taking things a bit slower has been a positive life change.

Try to get the work life balance right.

Good luck and please stay in touch. You’ll find a wealth of experience and many friendly souls on here.


Creoso, it’s good that you have a strong spirit, life after stroke is certainly a challenge. I planted three pots of tulips a month ago, and I had two left over bulbs, so I planted one on either side of a patch of copper tips in my front garden. After some time, they sprouted nicely, but the one on the right must have had its stem snapped by the wind. I wondered if it had had it, but decided to leave it, and a few weeks later, a lovely deep red tulip flower blossomed from the end of its broken stem.

So, we may have had our brains broken, but we can still bloom like the others.


@Ingo66, so good to see you! @Rups, beautiful analogy!

@healingmysoul72, Honestly, I don’t even know how you are navigating working or searching for new work. After trying so hard to get back to a place where I could handle it, I have finally decided, I likely will not be returning to work. And I am finally okay with that. I will do some ‘odd’ stuff here and there to help earn extra money, but can’t quite get the cognitive and physical stamina to be predictable enough to set a particular time to be responsible and reliable to attend to work, or stay on task, to be productive when I need to be.

You are quite young, so it likely was never in your plan to not be working at this time in your life. Hopefully you have (PIP?) income or resources for living expenses in the meantime so you will be able to concentrate on your recovery and getting the rest and nutrition you need.

Please continue to share your progress with us, ask questions, make comments. I am certain we can all help each other and find help here.


Hi @healingmysoul72

Welcome to the community on this forum.

you will find this a great place to share your victories, read about other people’s celebrations but also to rant and rail against the challenges and get context for what you are experiencing and other people’s ways of managing - of which there are many and varied and rarely obvious

I think you are in a strong position with a mindset that describes yourself as attractive and smart & a survivor - as @Bobbi almost said (adapting his sentiments slightly) the stroke gives you altered abilities possibly decreased physical balance dexterity stamina also possibly cognitive/ emotional - & after that is the character question.

How do you deal with the emotional impact - if you are backward looking then in my humble opinion you are on a rocky road that does not lead to good destinations but if you have accepted that are now on a new path and look forwards then that leads to as rewarding a life as anybody can hope for

The magnifying glass at the top of the forum pages is a good way to discover what the community has shared about the very many topics that are the complex Milieu of post stroke life you might also find welcome post has some useful pointers