Hello everyone

Not Been On for a while but I hve broken both wrists in the garden and. hav 2 pots on up to elbow. Excuse typing and grammar but difficult to do at minute. Because I havent been to gym etc, stroke fatigue has crept back in and everything is 10 times a long to do and 10 times nore effort.  But hey ho, only 5 more wks to go to get them off! Hope you are all doing ok x

How did you break both wrists in the garden 

Nooooo!  I don't beleeeeeive it!! Were you doing handstands or something crazy ?‍♀️!!  I hope you have someone to help you, it must be an absolute nightmare to do anything ?‍?

It seems that it doesn't take much for stroke symptoms to appear if anything else is out of kilter ?.  Let's hope the next 5 weeks fly by, and you'll be able to get back to your routine.

Take good care xxx

I bet everything is difficult how are you managing to eat your food.  I feel very sorry for you. How did you manage to break both at the same time. All the best to you anyway, Norma.

Thanks everyone. I was looking after my daughters gorgeous dog and i threw him the tennis ball and he just sat there! I went to fetch it and my foot somehiw, got under the ball of my foot and it rolled which catapulted me head first down the garden path (grave;!) and just to top it all, I cracked my forehead on a concrrete step.  My daughter had popped to the shop so luckily she was ther4 quick. No ambulances avaukable so she had to rush nme up to A&E. I have carers coming in 4 times a day to wsh, dress and feed me and put me to bed. Perils of living on your own! x

Hi, it sounds like a nightmare, I feel so sorry for you. I wish you a speedy recovery All my thoughts and prayers are with you.Lilian

Well that's not fair. I would think you have already had your share of injuries three times over.

Hope your carers are good. 

Very interested to hear that the SF is worse. Hopefully the enforced rest will swing the SF the other way.


Oh no that must be terrible for you. It's the loss of independence I would find very hard and I'm sure you'll be the same. We have a cavalier and she tends to stick quite close to you when you're out walking and I've come close to falling over her a few times.

Only 5 more weeks to go,  then you can get back to the gym which I know you'll be missing and get rid of the  horrible SF.

Poor you worst when you on your own try to rest  perhaps the fatigue will ease your body and Brian have received a whammy shock keep hydrated the  Brian need water to function take care