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Hi everyone my name is Richard. I think I had my stroke around the 10th January, still not sure?. Any way here is what happened. I had a terrible headache which sent me straight to bed. The next day took the dog for his walk as normal, didn't feel too bad but I new something wasn't right. Was geting Odd sensations in my head and arm. As the week went on thing's got gradually worse, never dreamed it was a stroke. Even thought it was covid?. Managed to see a doctor later that week, he took blood and all the tests like strength in my arms and speech and said he didn't think it was a stroke. He also booked me a head scan, in his words as semi urgent, but said it things got worse to go to A and E. So later that week that's what I did. Had a scan and they confirmed it. It has affected my left side slightly as I can still walk and use my arm. I have weakness in my left leg which seems to be improving with physio. Won't be running anywhere soon but I get by. I have a follow-up in a couple of weeks so hopefully will have more idea what happened. The advice on this site has been brilliant, especially about fatigue which i didn't bargain for. That has been the worse. Some great tips on how to cope with it. Early day's for me so reading lots on here. Sleep is not the best right now, read some interesting things about side effects of taking statins late at night. Anyway that's my story.

Welcome Richard. Alas none of us expect a stroke. Yours sounds quite mild so you should make a good recovery. Medication should help ensure you don't get another one. Good luck with your post stroke journey.

Dear Richard

Welcome to our forum.

Every stroke is different. 
i wonder what your medical records say about the stroke that got you.

i worked for months to get sleep right. IMO good sleep is essential.

best wishes


Thanks Colin, didn't get told much detail about it just given a bag of tabs and off I went home. Hopefully will get more detail when I see the stroke specialist in a couple of weeks.

Thank you. 

Hi everyone, just had my six week follow up. All quite positive, I am allowed to go back driving which I am made up about. I'm still week on my left side and my hand is getting like an arthritis pain in my finger. Hopefully my physio will have some advice about this. I have to wear a heart monitor for seven days sometime in the future just to close the case. I asked about fatigue and he said it should improve in time (hope so because it is awful). Was very bad the weekend, stressed out and over did it a bit. Just going to keep exercising and hopefully with time things will improve.

Yes, stick at it but don't overdo it. Fatigue does improve, but I still have fatigue five years on. Rest when your body tells you.

Hi Richard

Sorry to hear about your stroke.  You should hear more when you visit the consultant. You can also contact your GP and ask for a copy of the letter that was sent to him/her from the hospital which will give your more info.

Regarding statins, it just depends which one you take as to when it 'should' be taken.  Generally, the opinion is to take them at night because most cholestrol is made by your body through the night apparently.  However, some can cause nightmares, interrupted sleep and night cramps. I take Rosuvastatin which states in the leaflet you can take it anytime of the day.  Personally, I take mine just after my evening meal which is about 6pm.  I do this because I take my BP tablet on a morning and at night I take Amitriptyline for nerve pain so I like to space them out through the day rather than take them altogether. I'm fine on that but if you try it on a morning and see how you go on, it may work better for you that way.