Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone,  I’m Andy really don’t know what to say. 

I had my stroke in 2013 after losing my girlfriend in 2010 so life was crap, and didn’t known what was going on as I was on heavy medication from the doctors as I attempt to commit  suicide with a knife in 2011, and again several times after that with overdoses.

In 2013 one of the most life changing things happen to me, I wasn’t feeling too good so I stayed at my mums house the previous night. I got up following day to go shopping with my mum and sister then I managed to get down the stairs everything was going from bad to worst I was trying to  fasten my belt  but couldn’t manage it I went to sit down and literally I just fell onto the settie my sister arrived looked at me then the ambulance was called  that’s all I can remember.

I was rushed to the local hospital tests were done  The doctors decided I was  going to go to Walton blues and twos and all my nieces where crying watching me been rushed into the second ambulance. Since the stroke happen I’ve been  diagnosed with osteo arthritis osteo myalgia and have also suffer from Skeletal muscle pain which some nights really does scare me thinking is it just the pain or am I having another stroke or something else.some days I really think what the hell am I doing on this Planet 

Andy, what a terrible series of events. You have all my sympathy, but,please, do not despair. We are all here for a purpose and you have been saved to achieve yours. I had my stroke three years ago and,like you, I can remember falling over but not going to the hospital on blues and twos. Since then I have had two cataract ops and two hearing aids. The hearing aids felt, for a moment, like the last straw.

but, Andy, I fight on. I have learnt to live with the new me and the new me might be a more appreciative chap than the old me. I am now 75,so do not know how long is left, but I refuse to let stroke control my final years. I am off to a funeral this morning and, amazingly, I have put my tie on myself, something I thought I would never do again. Not a big deal, but being able to do it has cheered me on a sad day.

Hi Andy

Welcome to My Stroke Guide.

I am really sorry to hear about your stroke, and subsequent events but I hope you'll find some valuable support on here.

Take care


 Thank you for your message it means so much to know that somebody out there was been through the same sorry for the late reply as I don’t tend to come onto this site as much but good news I found a group nearby it’s called the butterflies after/club so I go there every Thursday and it’s great knowing someone is there for you and not looking at u  strangely because you had a stroke anyway take care all the best and I hope the funeral went okay I’m glad you tied your tie ??

Hello all, I had my haemorrhagic Stroke in August 2018. My left side was paralysed and I suffer from double vision. I spent 2 weeks in an acute ward before being sent to a rehab hospital for 6 weeks. 

Its been a long struggle but I am now walking with a stick and using FES for my drop foot. I still have next to no use of my left arm and hand but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. I still get one nhs physio session a week and top it up with a private session and hydrotherapy. 

Dear Lynne

So sorry to hear that a stroke got you last August. Welcome to the forum.

I like your positive attitude, I have noticed that those of us who get a lot of recovery are nearly always the positive ones. Do keep on moving those errant parts. If your left hand has the slightest of movement then getting movement several times a day is likely to get your brain to work at it.

Its a slow process for most of us, but we have survived so it has to be worth the efoort, I think.

Besyt wishes



Hi Lynne, welcome aboard!  My stroke was in August 2017 and last August I was able to return to my teaching assistant job, albiet not working in the classroom as I cannot take the noise or all the children and I only work 10 hrs a week, but it is something I have achieved.  I had hydrotherapy and it really did help,  I luckily was not left with the same issues as yourself, but you sound very positive and that is half the battle.  Recovery is a journey all us SS go on, at different rates.  My biggest issue is weight gain as I am not as active as I was before, and I no longer have the confidence to go out walking on my own, so I have made a decision to get a treadmill!  to help me lose some.  I too use a stick when I go out with my husband as I find people give you that little bit of extra room and time.  I have a balance issue and it gives me confidence.

Good luck with the onward recovery keep us all posted, and even if you are feeling down just come on and have a moan we will all understand.  Wendy

Hi Lynne, I also had a haemorrhage stroke three years ago and was paralysed on my left side too. I also had an FES machine for drop foot. My stroke was in 2016 and, three years later, I can walk reasonably well with a stick. Last December, my drop foot suddenly started lifting again and I have not used the FES machine since. I had an allergic reaction to it anyway. I go to three exercise classes a week and, recently, my left arm is becoming more stable. I can use it quite well. You sound as if you have the necessary determination to improve, so keep at it.

Good day all I'm john had my stroke January 2015, so few years now I was 50. Och btw my nickname SHREK as originally from Scotland now in Bournemouth feeling isolated. Prior to my stroke was architect/carpenter work i miss like crazy. But considering returning to architecture at least, freelance. My ex disposed of me as i suffered a stroke. Och well not sure what else to say ??

Hi John.Welcome to our forum. I am sorry that Stroke has turned your life upside down and led to a sense of isolation. This forum is a very supportive one and you May find friends here. Unfortunately, Stroke sorts out your true friends from those who, for whatever reason, cannot cope with it. I hope you are continuing to recover well.

Thanks John, it’s encouraging to hear that drop foot can recover. You are correct, I fully intend to work hard and regain as much as is physically possible!

Thanks John, it’s encouraging to hear that drop foot can recover. You are correct, I fully intend to work hard and regain as much as is physically possible!

Thanks John, it’s encouraging to hear that drop foot can recover. You are correct, I fully intend to work hard and regain as much as is physically possible!

Thanks John, it’s encouraging to hear that drop foot can recover. You are correct, I fully intend to work hard and regain as much as is physically possible!

Thanks Colin, I’ve joined  a really positive exercise focused support group on Facebook. Mostly Americans but very positive and loads of exercise ideas. I’ve found it very helpful. I’ve also restarted making my own bread which is doing my left hand the world of good. 

Thank you Wendy, I’ve been using my treadmill for a while now and it helps me concentrate on gait too. I also use an exercise bike. I head Dr Michael Mosley and his wife Dr Claire Bailey on Radio 4 a couple of weeks ago talking about diet and wS inspired to get their new book The Fast 800. In 2 weeks I’ve lost 3kg and am really pleased. Nice recipes and I don’t feel hungry. Lynne