Heavy Head/Dizziness Lacunar Stroke

Hi All

I had a lacunar stroke 5 months ago and fully recovered physically. Fatigue is hard going but managble. I also get a  heavy head and when i move my head upwards or quickly i get slightly dizzy. I wake up in the am and it pretty much starts then for the day. It can last a few days then go away again. Anyone else experienced simalar.


Thank you.

Hello there, do you know where the lacunar stroke occured? Lacunar relates to small blood vessels, but do you know if it was in the cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, or perhaps a POCI  stroke which cover a few more smaller areas? This is my life everyday, I had a cerebellar stroke September 2021, if I turn my head quickly upwards or downwards, or if I turn around quickly, I get a giddy sensation, for me it is a proprioceptive impairment, that doesn't affect the eyes but the way the brain perceives surrounding stimulus when moving through the eyes. it's immensely unnerving and can bring on nausea and/or anxiety.

I am in a similar sirtuation as you the difference being that it never goes away I have it every day all day. At last there is someone who understands what I am going through. The stroke gave me double vision but fortunately that has gone away. I do hope somebody somewhere can find something to help us. I  feel so alone as though everybody is different to me. Norma.

Thanks for getting back to me. When it comes on the heavy head etc makes me extremely tired and my eyes feel heavy. Does it also make you feel tired?

Do you find anything helps???

It affected my right side of my body if that helps. Yes i am exactly the same as you. Move my head upwards it feels giddy etc. It also makes my head feel heavy and feel really tired. Do you find anything helps?


Well, I've been doing gaze stabilisation exercises, and proprioceptive eye exercises since coming out of hospital. I don't do them everyday because they can make me feel a bit more dizzier than usual afterwards but supposedly they help. It is hard to measure it as improvement has been so slow, it is difficult to compare one month's recovery to another previous month's recovery progress. But things have improved a bit. 

A few practical things, I wear varifocal lenses to help focus my vision to one area, I believe cutting out the surrounding visual noise in the eye's peripherals makes it less discombobulating for the brain. As I am to understand, the issue is not with the eyes but with the brain and vestibular system. Sometimes if I shield around my eyes with my hands, it makes it more comfortable when turning my head to see something. 

At the end of the day, I think only exercises that can help the brain track objects as it moves is the answer to improving things, but gradually. Things will then get better in increments as the brain manages to cope with the action of looking up and down, side-to-side et cetera. I have nystagmus and on and off blurred vision also which doesn't help things.