Heavy cold

Hi am  on apixaban but not sure what i can take for a heavy cold just been having hot drinks but i need something can anyone help thanksx

Hi Lyn,

I’ve been giving John honey and fresh lemon in a cup of hot water, sometimes paracetamol as well. Honey is supposed to be the best medicine and It seems to be doing the trick. Hope you feel better soon.


Thank you i will give that a tryx

I too have come down with cough and cold. Just had first cup of honey and lemon. Thanks for your advice.

Yes, if you google it, honey has many positive uses and it is never supposed to deteriorate. It doesn’t get the chance in this house, lol! 


I just took paracetamol as I take apixaban too and tried to drink plenty of squash when I was awake.

Your pharmacist will be able to tell you what you can take without causing problems to your meds. I was told a ceetain cought mixture was not a good idea but cant remeber whcih one, sorry.