Got my 500 and heating on from 8/8 I’m not going to worry about bills more worried about staying warm as it hurts going outside to breathe god I hate this


Shwmae @Mickyboy, I hope this keeps you cosy enough over Winter. I just ordered several pairs of military thermal socks and also hunting gloves, I can’t stand it when my extremities freeze up, after stroke, when my hands get too cold, both my pinkies seize up.

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@Mickyboy glad you’ve got your winter fuel payment. It should ease the worry a bit. You need to stay warm x

Yes but 500 £ won’t go far as my heating on from 8/7pm then bed legs hurt in the cold don’t mind admitted I’m scared

@Mickyboy sorry to hear you’re feeling scared. Have you spoken to Citizens Advice to make sure you’re claiming all you are entitled to?

In addition to the winter fuel payment every household is getting £400 credited in monthly installments to the electricity account. This should help too.

I think there are other payments that people on benefits can get but not sure what they are.

There are warm banks / places that are opening for people who are struggling to go to where you can keep warm.

Wear layers as these keep you warmer than one thick layer. Scarves, gloves, hat, thermal socks will all help too.

Is there anything your family can do to help?

It’s going to be a difficult winter for many people. We all have to do the best we can to get through.

Thanks Lorain yes I live with my daughter and grandchildren, but weekends are a killer for me as they go to there dads till Sunday, but at moment I’m more concerned about keeping warm

Loshy yes I’m living with my daughter and grandchildren been here since lockdown as it’s hard for me to get out

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Hope the grandchildren are here for Xmas at the moment don’t care as it’s so cold heating on 8/8 get up to walk around every hour the cold air doesnt help

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