Heat head and double vision

Is anybody affected with these hot temperatures I know its summer but it seems extra hot to me and I shouldnt moan but it makes my head problems a lot worse I am so limited what I can do I just have to sit in front of the fan and not move which isnt much fun I cant walk in it  I like it about 23 degrees that is comfortable. Sorry to moan I was born in the summer so you would think I should enjoy it. Norma. 


Hi Norma , not good for me also. Wake early,  outside temp low , open doors & windows . Sun & temp go up outside,  to indoor temp , close doors , windows & curtains,  fan on . Used to be a builder,  loved sun . 2 years ago ,hottest day of year ? On short break,  Looking round national trust gardens , thought I had sun stroke , but was cerebellar stroke . Although logically I know was not heat , brain now goes to panic mode with heat ! 

As with other slight problems,  my brain compleatly unnecessarily will almost look for something to be anxious about,  lock onto it & endlessly worry  . Can find this can get me down . Best cure , sit in shade & get ice cream out of freezer ! Good speaking David. 

I should have no problem with the heat, I was born in Tasmania, and am half Portuguese, but I am finding it stifling. Cool showers and fans work for me. Splash your face and head with cool water, takes the temp down for a bit. Like David said, shade and icecream. Drink lots of water. I plan to sit in the garden under my pergola and have a stout. Lazy day, just had my second jab, so not pushing it today - too hot! Main issue with sunshine is the brightness, makes my eyes tired, and humidity stifles my breathing a bit. 

Thanks David I know I shouldnt moan but the very hot weather gets me down. I just keep dri nking water that definitely helps. I am sitting with the fan going and as long as I dont move about all is ok. 

Thanks for your reply I agree about the sunh getting in your eyes it makes my balance bad. I am sitting with the french door open and the fan on. I went a short walk this morning before it got hot and I am staying put for the rest of  the dAY  Norma Jean.

Yes it makes doing anything a lot hard hope all is well des x

angryHot hot hot.i prefer autumn /winter as I shake when I get hot, after my stroke I have spasms so you can imagine put both together!?! Was asked if I had been drinking alcohol recently,I had to laugh,if only.drink lots of water,wear cap,cream,sunglasses outside,sit near fan inside and only do what you feel like doing anything else can wait.our summers don't last that long.yes

I dont do anything even getting food is difficult I only want to sit by fan. The difficulty is it makes breathing hard, Last night in bed I felt I couldnt breathe that is the main problem. Thanks for all replies. Norma Jean. 82 yrs.

Hello Norma, stifles my breathing too. Sometimes, I rest facing the fan, it helps get air into my lungs. When there is no breeze, it doesn't help. Sucking an icecube can help, cold air is easier to draw in. I have a cool shower, the mist seems to ease my lung capacity for a while. Stay cool today, the temperature is due to drop radically by the end of the week.  

cant wait for it to drop it will still be pleasant without the problems it causes.  It was very bad last night the night before I was alright. Norma.