Heart warming story

Yesterday was woken up by the blackbirds going nuts and when I say early like just after 4am ,anyway could tell be the noise there was a cat about so came downstairs and sure there was a cat that had injured a fledgling,the birds were so very vocal ,anyway found a box and let it rest but every couple of hours went into the office to give it a drink from a small paint brush which it was drinking do then had some chicken liquidised it down mixed it with the water and was taking very small amounts ,well yesterday afternoon had to attend family gathering which was absolutely amazing but knew I couldn't feed baby blackbird ,anyway to cut long story short kept the bird in the box all-night fed it liquid then this morning could hear it chirping so was pleased it made the night ,so got up at the crack of dawn as I could hear it's parents in the garden took the baby bird down to the garden still in the box and straight away the parents came down and fed it ,and after about 4 hours it jumped out the box and ran up the garden ,when I left for my hospital appointment they were still feeding it so now it's strong enough it's flown off probaly back to its nest ,it was the most amazing experience to watch ,must admit I shed a few tears when it's parents jumped in the box with it ..pippy