Hearing Loss

Hi everyone, has anyone  found that they have had hearing  problems  since suffering a stroke  ? I am 4 years post stroke and my hearing  has definitely  deteriorated  since my hemorrhagic  stroke in 2017.  I turned 60 in July and am wondering  whether it could just be old age creeping  up on me  ?

Regards  Sue 

Similar age 

 My family nagged at me to get hearing checked. I did, couple of years ago now, maybe longer, cant remember exactly. GP  referred me to Specsavers for hearing test. It amused me at tge time but was quite efficient. Was told it was age related hearing loss. I have two hearing aids now and they make a huge difference. Similar to the difference getting a pair of glasses makes when your eyesight starts to go, as it does in predictable ways with age. So Specsavers doing audiology isn't quite so crazy after all, though hearing aids are not as cool as a good pair of specs. I wouldn't be without them now.

I will be 5years post stroke in April, probably due a hearing check up within the next year or so, and probably need a bit more help. There is a neurological aspect to hearing, so I do suspect that the stroke had an influence, though like yourself it only became manifest some years after the event. There was no issue in the first year. Hearing was normal. It maybe in second to third year but I honestly can't now remember.

 Hope it isn't too troublesome for you but get it checked out if you can. 

 Best wishes 


Hi Sue. I have been half deaf in both ears since my 30's - I'm 68 now and was 65 when I had my first stroke.  I wear small in the ear canal aids also from Specsavers.  I tried NHS ones which were over the ear and they were useless as they only amplified all the noise so I still couldn't hear speech properly.  The ones I have amplify the speech and tone down the background noise.  I have worn these type for 15 years now.  I am still on my first pair bought from Specsavers. They have only been in for repair once when the transmitter or something went in one of them which was very quickly repaired and has been good since.  They always do a buy one get another free!  Whereas other providers like Boots charge per aid.  As I have short hair, you can't see them and most people don't even know I'm deaf apart from family.

In my teens, I was a dancer and I stood next to a stack of loudspeakers as high as the building with disco music blasting in my ears 3 nights a week.  When I came out of the club, my ears buzzed and were ringing for ages.  Sadly, there was no such thing as decibel monitoring and healthy and safety then and, of course, I was young and didn't care about getting old or going deaf!!

Regarding stroke affecting hearing, I definitely think it does.  I find when I am tired, my hearing 'drops' slightly and my concentration goes.  Over the years though I have learned to lipread so I get along OK.  You can get free hearing tests so I do recommend Specsavers.



Hi Tony, our local Specsavers does hearing  tests, so I will get it checked out ASAP. I'm driving my husband insane. So I'll do it for his sake as well as mine. 

Regards Sue 

I got the impression that if you want a free hearing test you need to see a doctor first but with Covid I don't know what the situation is. I'm experiencing hearing loss but like you I don't know if it's age or affects of a stroke. My hearing got worse after my stroke. Gook luck Hilary

I've just booked a hearing  test for Thursday  11th Feb. Made the booking  online,  I'll let you know  how I get on.

Regards Sue 

Hearing loss !

Stroke 1.5 years ago ,generally seems to amplify my previous problems. Anxiety, over thinking ,bright lights  & hearing loss . Probably being in building trade, no H&S then , nhs hearing aids at 58 ,as others stated just amplified all sounds . Year ago told newer,  better version tried these,  same . Told Specsavers better but at poss £2,000 ,can not merit it , not much socializing at present. Since stroke must always turn on subtitles on tv , I believe it helps my brain process speech ? Telephone, completely shatters me .

All the best David. 

Hi Sue,

I am convinced that my hearing has been impacted by my stroke in August, but I was told by a nurse that there was unlikely to be a connection.

My hearing does not have a major issue, but I struggle to understand when there are people talking in parallel, it can be almost painful. This can be a backgound noise like a TV or radio, or people talking at the same time on Zoom.

I have not applied for a hearing test due to Covid-19, I am avoiding meeting people that are not essential. Maybe I will apply for a hearing test in three months or so.

I know that my eyesight has deteriorated slightly since August, I have a different prescription for reading glasses.

I am not sure how it is possible to know what is part of the aging process, and what is due to a stroke!

Stay safe!


If you get a Gp Referral you'll get it without cost, but you may not want to wait 


 Best wishes with whatever route you choose. You wont regret if 

 All the best 


As Tony says, you won't regret it.  For me it opened up a whole new world. I'd avoided socialising or if I did I withdrew from conversations as I couldn't hear what people were saying. People were getting irritated because I kept saying "Sorry, pardon?" all the time so I just sat back and didn't join in.  I had trouble hearing people at work and also on the phone. It was only when someone told me that one of their friends said I was a 'snob' because I didn't join in conversations with them that I knew I had to do something about it.  

I didn't even know that our lounge clock ticked until I put my hearing aids in for the first time or how LOUD I had to have the TV!!

Hi Tony, spec savers do a free hearing  test and I have made an appointment  on Thursday11th 

Regards Sue 

Thats good to know,Best wishes with it will make a big difference to you



Without a doubt, my hearing has got worse since my stroke in June '19.

I find I have turn the volume up on the tele, to others annoyance.

Also, I dont like gatherings anymore. A lot of people around, all talking, my hearing seems to go all "fuzzy".

I'm 63 now, so wether old age is creeping in as well, I dont know

I'm 59 had my stroke 11 years ago. My hearing has definitely been deteriorating over the years.  I've had nhs hearing aid. 
doesbt help me. Picks up so many back ground noises. I've been recommended to try out spec savers which I haven't as yet because of the restrictions. I'm not good in a group of people as I can only listen to one person at a time. 

After my stroke in 2019 I lost all my hearing in my right ear and the hearing in my left ear is 50% at best. I now have a hearing aid in both ears the right earring aid transfers the sound to the left, when it quiet and people are looking right at you it's not to bad but if it's noisy or more than one person is talking it's hopeless. I have no support for it at all. I am only 44 now.

I had a stroke 2years ago.

I have developed tinnitus in my left ear.

don't know if it is connected,

Hi everyone, I've lost hearing at right side completely after my hemorrage, almost 3 years now... Just indeed tinnitus al the time but not hearing another sound or word.

Luckly my left hearing is very good and compensating the problem as good as possible.

I had tinnitus years ago. I was given fluid retaining tablets by my doctor. I also found drinking water solved that problem. As far as I know I didn't have a Stroke then.  The other weird thing I noticed when a full moon was present, it would be worse. 

And now this Stroke has definitely affected my ears. I hear bells. Like an old school playground bell. 





Drinking water helped me with tinnitus. I am not sure if it is connected with a Stroke. I wouldn't rule it out myself. I had a Stroke October last year 2020. My hearing is hard to get to grips with. I can't hear the beep on the thermometer. My daughter tells me when it's beeping. I cannot hear it. ?

I can hear but not high pitch.


Hi.. I had  stroke 7 years ago when I was 50. I developed new tinitus in my left are on top of existing tintius. I was eventually seen by a hearing therapist who gave me hearing aids to lift my hearing to a normal level to help with tinitus. The aids also have a masker in them. I am investigating a hearing/listening devise for when I am in a cafe as I also have sensory over load. This works on the T possition if the aid. Hope that helps someone. 

Hearing loss and tinitus def connected with having a stroke.