Hearing loss and muddleness

Having had a ? TIA last week, I now find that my hearing is much worse than it was 2 weeks ago when I was issued hearing aids for the first time.
Could this be related to the recent ? TIA.
Additionally I am a bit muddled. I go into a supermarket up to the isle then can’t remember what I am looking for .
I wonder if I am making it up and being a hypochondriac or a drama queen.
Would be grateful for any observations.
I was never a full bag of shopping anyway, but I feel like I’ve lost the bag!


This is an issue that I recognise. Post stroke my ability to remember (coordinate) things in the here and now are becoming more challenging. When I go shopping I totally rely on my ‘list’.
It is all about careful planning. The day before a planned shopping trip I will carefully go round the house to check my consumables stock levels and write down what I need. I then re-write the list in to sections eg. food, cleaning and bathroom.
In general I find it does help alot. Big problems arise when the supermarket move stuff to another location.


@jenny.c it’s possible that could be caused by a TIA. My memory is definitely not what it was. I have to write things down else I forget.

I would suggest seeing your GP about it all just to check there’s nothing else going on.

Best wishes


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I’m wearing hearing aids for the first time too. I can say the same about my hearing that it has dropped off since I started with the aids. I put it down to my brain’s laziness, for the first time for many years it does not have to work so hard to have me hear day to day communications so it has decided to take a rest. I shall have to go back to the supplier and get them to increase the sensitivity of my aids to cope.

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A few months after my stroke my hearing started to drop during the day until by about 10pm it was just silence. I already knew I’d eventually need hearing aids even before my stroke. But now I’ve had them for almost a year I don’t lose my hearing altogether anymore. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

I thought it was still going in the evening but recently realised it was as the batteries were getting low :laughing:

Yes - basically any change in perception sensation, emotion, controller of limbs…

Over the next months or years can be attributed as an after effect of the neurological event

You’ll find many other people’s explanations if you search posts people have already made