Hear Baz's story from the Rebuilding Lives campaign

As part of our Rebuilding Lives campaign, we're changing the way people think about stroke using stroke survivors' real stories. Told in their own words.

Baz had a stroke 11 days after his 32nd birthday in 1992: “I went to bed and woke up with a massive sharp pain in my head. I screamed out. My left leg shot up, then my right leg. I rolled over and was sick.”

He was in hospital for three weeks, followed by six months of physiotherapy. He lost his mobility on the right-hand side and part of his vision. His speech was gone, and he couldn’t get out of the wheelchair. Baz’s recovery has been long and tough. But over the course of 27 years, he’s been slowly rebuilding his life.

You can watch a video about Baz's story and recovery here: https://www.stroke.org.uk/rebuilding-lives/baz

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