Head trouble

Hello everybody I havent been on for a long time I have had difficulty finding my way around. I had my stroke in 2017 I am still struggling with my head problems and am going to pay private to see my ear nose and throat specialist who I hope will be able to help I have seen him before and he did a head movement which helped for about a week. If anybody has got something similar I would be very happy to hear. Norma Jean.

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@Norma_Jean_K sorry to hear you’re still suffering. I have heard if that head movement I think. Something to do with realigning crystals or something. Really hope it works for you.

Best wishes.


thanks for your reply it helps to know somebody is sympathising. Norma

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Thanks for your reply Hope you are well. Norma.

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Hi Norma Jean Glad to see you are able to use the site again. I will continue to message you separately still Love Lilian

I thought I was on my own with ‘head’ problems and it’s making me feel quite poorly.
I’m waiting to see ENT specialist. My head feels full, my ear blocked and crackling, my speech nasally and my throat hurts. I’ve been given tablets to help with my balance but I’m finding it difficult to speak to my doctor about how I feel because automatically he is blinkered by my stroke. At least now he has finally referred me but goodness knows how long that will be.
Good luck. Hope you get sorted soon

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Hi Norma Jean-- I have heard about that head movement, as well. It realigns loose cystals somewhere in the inner ear. The loose crystals make a person feel dizzy. Sometimes it only takes one adjustment to send the crystals back to the right place, and they stay there, but sometimes they drift back into the wrong place , and it needs to be done again. Good luck! Hope you ENT can help. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Thank you for replying I wish I could find a doctor who can undersrand what I am going through it is very debilitating. Norma.


Thanks Jeanne I have had the head movement once before and he gave me some exercises I could do at home which helped a bit. I am going this afternoon so I am keeping my fingers crossed/

Please let us know how you get on :pray:

Hi @Norma_Jean_K how did you get on with your ENT appointment? I hope you don’t mind me hassling you :pray:

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Hi @Norma_Jean_K & @Evie, I hope you both find some help with your issues. It is hard enough dealing with the common effects of stroke without the extra problems you have on top.

Fingers crossed for you both that you will get some relief soon. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you so much for your message. I didnt know of Evis until I saw your message and now we are in touch with one another. I have passed on some tips for her. Thanks again. Norma

Thanks for your message I dont mind at all. I went and saw him he gave me a head manoeuvre and tole me to do the head exercises he gave me before. I havent noticed much improvement so far but most give it time. I had my stroke in 2017 and has double vision and head trouble from the beginning. Norma.

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