Head trouble

I went to see the neurologist yesterday. He now thinks my trouble is my inner ear he actually said that last yearbut then sent me for mri and a scan on my neck. they showed nothing and he said it was age related. I made an appointment to see him privately which I had to wait 2 months. I am now being referred to an ear nose and throat specialist for possible head mannouvers whic he hopes will make me back to normal as I have suffered foor about 3 years with constant trouble wich has made everyday living awful for me. I hope this works I will feel like I have won the pools if it does. Norma.

Thanks Jane I will  keep you informed when I finally see the ear doctor. I didnt now about the new web site I shall be in trouble as I am not a computer wizard as I have said. Best wishes Jane . Norma.

Dear Norma. It was good to hear that you may at last have a solution to your problem. You have suffered for a long time. I have eventually seen a  physio to help with my walking. He has given me some exercises to do. I will try them, even though it seems hard! Love Lilian

Thanks Lilian I just hope with all my heart that it will do the trick if it doesnt then I am stuck with it for the rest of my life. They have tested everything else it can only be my inner ear. Why  that wasnt checked in the first place Ill never know. It would have saved me all the other tests I have had. I hope you are going along alright. Norma.

Hello Norma, if they think it is something to do with your inner ear, I wonder if they'll perfom the Epley maneuver, which is for vertigo. Is this to do with head tightness or dizziness?

Dear Norma. I will pray you have finally got it sorted. I am quite well on the whole but I have a badly injured leg at present. Next door neighbour's dog jumped up at me, he is a powerful dog and gouged my leg badly. I am on blood thinners and we had difficulty in stopping the bleeding! I have to wait until Sunday to get it dressed! Luckily I am not in pain. Hope you keep well.Love Lilian

Good to hear that that there might have found a answer for you all the best des

Its to do with the tight feeling and sort of dizziness I cant explain how it feels but going about all day affects me I cant turn my head left right up down without losingmy balance. Thankks Rups I hope they will cure it as I have said it will be like winning the pools. It will be an entirely different life.