Head Problems

Will any body who has read my  previous messages and who suffers with their head please message me and let me know how they are getting on. I read all the messages and nobody has come on here with the problem I am having. I dont have mobility problems and feel very sorry for you all that do. But this problem is affecting my life in every way. In a word it is very debilitating and I cant do much at all. Like Colin says I am here and that is the main thing. I try to be positive. Norma Jean.

Morning. Since my stroke I suffer with severe headaches which in pain terms at its worst is an 7 and they never go been tried with so many different meds to help but nothing. I just try and do stuff on my good days. Hope all is well with you 

Thanks for your reply. I very rarely get head aches I get pains in the back of my head sometimes it is just a feeling of pressure and it affects my eyes, I use to have double vision but that has gone thankfully I wish my head would follow. Norma.

yes it’s extremely frustrating, I get neck pain but can cope with that, my vision is still blurry but only been 6 months so hoping all improves with more tine

it is early days for you I had mine 4 yrs. ago  I hope you soon improve Im sure you will best wishes Norma.

Me too, but its early days in comparison Norma.

yes very early, so frustrating tho, and Iv recently had a stent put into an artery. Hope all is well with you 

Norma, I have not had your experience of pain in my head.  I do feel  pressure inside my head, but it does not affect my vision.  I was thinking of something that may help you, since the medications have not been helping you.  Have you tried hypnosis?   I have heard that it is often a very effective way of helping people deal with chronic pain.  You'd have to see a phychotherapist with a hypnosis speciality.   I am not saying that the pain in not "real".  Hypnosis can help people change the way they feel and deal with the pain.  It might be worth a try.  smiley Love, Jeanne

Jean thank you for your reply. I just want to know what was found on the mri I am getting really fed up with waiting I look every day to see if I have a letter. I cannot explain to anybody what the sensation in my head feels like it just drives me mad and causes a lot of upsets in the house as I cannot cope with it and get very down. All the best Norma.

I read your message about your head problems and sorry I can't offer advice but you are in my thoughts and hope things improve. Love Lilian

Thank you Lilian I am not as bad as most on this forum which makes me feel a right moaner but as I have said it is something nobody understands and I only have a short walk every afternoon down a lane which I really enjoy. The main problem is my awful balance which is caused by this pressure in my head and I wont walk very far and I used to walk miles round sutton park before the stroke. Enough of me how are you now you have been going through a bad time I hope you are better now. Love Norma.

I really feel for you Norma Jean- sad Can you contact the doctor by phone, or his assistant, and tell them you have been waiting for an answer and have they heard anything?  I can see how you would feel very down when something so uncomfortable drags on like this.  It does seems that most stroke symtoms gradually over time get somewhat better.  I hope that's the case for you.smiley  I'll remember you in my prayers tonight, Norma Jean.  Love, Jeanne

Thanks Jeanne it does make a difference knowing somebody cares. Norma.

Thank you for your reply. I feel much better now. The sunshine helps. I can manage to walk with my rollator to the coffee shop from the car, which is an effort but I feel it is an achievement! I am also getting used to my power wheelchair with some success and a few bumps ! Where do you live, north or south? I am glad you are getting out. It definitely helps. Hope to hear from you soon.  Love Lilian

I live in sutton coldfield west midlands. Glad you have got a power wheelchair I sometimes think about one for myself. I use a stick but cant go far I would love to go round the shops but cant do it. Norma.

Dear Norma thank you for your reply. I have not got round the shops yet but I can manage the coffee shop. This exhausts me but I feel it is an achievement! I use a rollator to walk. I am not good enough to use a stick. Well done you. I live in Cheshire,not too far north. One day we will both manage the shops. God willing. Love Lilian

Sorry it’s late Norma but yes I have everything you are talking about 2 years after cerebellar stroke pressure in head pains in back of head and neck I can’t even explain my eyes.The good news is I have been to see an opthomologist and they are going to inject Botox in the back of my eyes.I will let you know in 2 weeks if things have changed.Good luck to you.

Thanks Lulu I was only thinking this morning nobody has said they have got the same as me. I dont often get pains in my head but the pressure in it is very troublesome. As I have said I cannot explain what it feels like but it is like it all the time and I cannot look up for long and turn my head either way it is a  real nuiscance. I cant do much housework my Husband does it all. Norma.

Exactly Norma I don’t move my head much at all.I do do a bit of cleaning that I can do going round on my bottom.I haven’t been anywhere apart from shops a few times in 2 years but hopefully this Botox might do some good that would be wonderful for all of us with this problem.

I had botox to cure the double vision which eventually went. But themain thing is my head which everyone tells me it will get better like the double vision did so I carry on hoping. I would love to go on a shopping trip most of my things I need my husband gets them on line. Norma.