Head cage during MRI scan

Does anyone know if you can still wear a blindfold and headphones if you have to wear the plastic head cage during an MRI of the head?  If anyone has had the cage on their head, how did you cope? 

Close eyes before being slid in. Easy for me as I am pretty poor of sight so without glasses I dont see far. But I still have them tightly closed throughout. 

The staff will assist you with blindfold/headphones or some alternatives. My first two MRi experiences both had music, one just general the other time I could select.



Hi Colin - On my last scan which was a lumber scan and not my head,  I had a blindfold on with the headphones as well. However, this time I might have to have the plastic coil cage over my head as it's a head scan and I'm a bit worried that that blindfold and headphones won't fit on with the cage as well. Did you have to wear the plastic head cage when you had your scan on your head? 

I was also expecting music on my first scan - no such luck in my area as the Health Authority is too tight in Yorkshire for such luxuries LOL!

Dear OAU

I havent seen a cage. I have been in four different scanners, all for head scans.

A blindfold would be quite easily arranged. Mention just how concerned you are about being in the machine. 

Three of the four scans had music, somtimes just any music, sometimes my choice.

My local hospital has got two new space age scanners (I havent been in them) and it looks as thugh you are not enclosed at all. Its like a theme park circle several feet abouve the centre. Wouldnt it be great if your hospital had one of those.



Ah, fingers crossed I won't need to wear one then. I'm fine with the blindfold. They provided me with one last time but I took my own just in case. Last time I just went through all my timestables and then tried to do them again backwards. If I got stuck, I started again. Time flew by! My neurologist did mention an 'open scanner' but she said I would have to pay private for one of those :( and because the scan is of my deep inner brain (the bit that operates your legs apparently!) the enclosed scanner would give better images than an open one.

With all that you have gone through post stroke, and your continuing cheerful and positive attitude, you will overcome your fear of a scanner.

As its your head, then only the head will go inside. You will be able to see out and most have mirrors and angles to make you feel "outside" the scaner.

Didnt know the term "open scanner". Colchester had an ancient, very noisy thing and I didnt even peep out. Months later the TV news showed its two new scanners which would fit the description of an open scanner. 

Does the deep brain go by the name of lacuna ? No big deal. And do most people have the legs controlled by the same area of brain ? I was lacuna and at first paralysed, including legs. I also had aphasia and so many other paralysed bits its easier to mention my right hand was not inflicted ! My mobility returned 90% very quickly. Now, three and a half years on, I am trying to pick up the less severe wreckage. Started yoga and that is helpful. I will try most of these alternative methods and most have worked so far.

Now need an alternative to make the heat go away. I dont cope with this hot stuff. Never did like it hot but post stroke it is worse than ever.

 Not sure what that area is called Colin but will ask the neurologist at my next appointment which will be in 2 months time or earlier depending on what they find I suppose. :) Keep smiling and plodding on as they say!