Head and double vision Heart Monitors

Heart monitors  Has anybody had a reveal device fitted . I had a heart monitor for 3 days and the cardiologist wanted me to have a reveal device fitted. I have delayed having it as it is placed under the skin on your shoulder and i  am not too sure whether i would be comfortable with it there long term. I am a bit of a coward since I had my stroke. Does anybody know anything about them I would be very grateful for any information. Thanks Norma.

Hi Norma- I didn't have that device as my doc picked up right away on a monitor that I had afib, which caused my stroke.  So I was put on anti afib med. and it caused my heart to quit afibbing but also slowed it down too much.  So, I was fitted with a pacemaker which goes near the shoulder, just under the collar bone.  It doesn't bother me.  I am unaware of its presenc almost all the time.  The only time I notice it is sometimes at night if I have that area crunched up or something.  Then it feels like there's something there.  Has the doc tried the kind of monitor you wear on the outside for a day like I had?  I do think it's important to find out about the afib if it exists.  Love, Jeanne

Thanks for replying jean . It was the cardiologist that recommended it but he  hadnt got the facts straight. My stroke affected my head very badly and it isnt dizzy I have got a funny feeling in it all the time it feels as though I have got a block in it behind my eyes and I have got double vision. The cardiologist said in the letter to my doctor which I had a copy,  that I suffered with dizzy spells and kept falling which I dont, so he recommended that I had a reveal device fitted and I dont think its necessary. I am seeing a neurologist next week so I will see what he had to say. Thanks again Norma.

Hi Norma Jean--I'd be interested with what the neurologist has to say.  I also have had a funny feeling in my head since my stroke 2 years ago. A dull ache in the middle and a fuzzy feeling.  Oh well,  I guess it just takes time for things to heal. I hope you feel better soon. Love, Jeanne

Hi Jeanne  I am sorry about your head does it affect everything you do I am so limited with what I can do but I  make the most  of every day thats all I can do. I am hoping the neurologist can come up with something and I will keep  you posted. Thanks for replying  All the best Norma Jean. 

Hello Norma,

I too would be interested to hear what neurologist has to say. I have that funny feeling in my head, I had a horrible day of "double vision" yesterday and pretty much spent the day in bed. Even when I close my eyes, the feeling persists. It makes for doing even the most simplistic of tasks exhausting. It eases at times when I change my focus and do a repetitive task like sorting socks or something along those lines, but even then, it wears me down. 

Its my head that gives me the most trouble I have had prisms fitted on my glasses which makes the sight seem normal. Are you seeing anybody about your eyes I  am sure they can help you. I would be pleased to hear from you as that must be awful for you. Best wishes to you. Norma Jean.

Hello Norma,

I've heard of these prisms, I read an article on this very thing about a week ago. I have an optometrist appointment overdue, if I can get to that I will ask them about this.  

You have got to have them  I dont know how you manage without  does the double vision go when you close one of your eyes. You must make an urgent appointment andget them fixed on to your glasses Keep me informed please. Norma Jean. 

I do hope your optometrist will put prisms on your glasses it will be the answer to your double vision. Please keep me informed how you get on. Norma.

The neurologist was very good  he thinks it is my inner ear and has recommended I go to ear nose and throat. I should  try and go to a neurologist they are very good with people who have had stroke. Norma.

That's interesting, I had wondered if it might have something to do with the ears as the cerebellum is connected to them. I would love to see a neurologist about it but don't know how to get a referral. Through the GP? It was the ear, nose and throat specilialist at hospital who sent me off for an MRI before they knew I had a stroke. He was very good. Keep us posted on your progress.  

Cerebellum, I belive ? Effects hearing . Stroke 1.25 years ago . Age 61 ,tried hearing aids , not much benefit. Watching Tv Must have subtitles on , I belive not the volume needed but as you stated, cerebellum stroke does not allow required messages to brain & reading subtitles helps this . Also why talking on telephone, or speaking to someone when not facing them ,background noise,  can be so exhausting. I also find it painful to turn my neck to face someone . All the best David. 

i have put a message on the stroke guide forum but I wlll repeat it on here. I went to the neurologist Thursday and he did a lot of tests and he thinks it is my inner ear that is causing the trouble. I would definitely recommend going to the neurologist I have been to lots of specialists and have got nowhere I am hoping hehas got me sorted my life is hopeless with my head I struggle to do the simplist of jobs. I rely on my husband to do most jobs. Hope I have been of help. Best wishes. Norma.

thanks jeanne I hope I have been of some help to you and all the best my thughts are with you. Norma.