Head aches

I had really bad sore throat couple days ago, which yesterday developed into a proper cold. Believe it or not, before Covid reared up in UK, I had not had a cold in many years, but think this is the 3rd …. I can treat that ok, but my big worry is headache above eye on my temple I have had all day. It’s not very strong, and I know I shouldn’t worry as I have been blowing my nose and sneezing all day, enough to give a headache. But since all the TIAs (10) and small brain bleed in June, I do worry. I just can’t get it out of my mind is it another one coming. ? The sensible part of me says that’s to be expected coughing, sneezing and blowing nose soooo much, but I do worry… sorry it’s a stupid question , just needed to tell someone … thank you for listening x. … Val x

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Hi Val @Ismeval i suspect your headache is part of your cold. There’s a horrid cold doing the rounds at the minute. Have you tried paracetamol? We’re all mixing more now so the viruses are having a field day after not having anywhere to go for 2 years. I’ve had 3 colds since Sept too.

It’s natural to worry & if you’re really worried you could ring 111 for advice.

If it helps when I rang them the other week they asked if I had a headache that felt like I’d been hit around the head with a spade. Then she went on to say they ask that as it can be a sign of a bleed. I’m no medical expert just reporting what I was told so would reiterate that if you’re really worried do seek medical advice.

Hope you feel better soon.

Best wishes.

Ann x

Most of us panic “ am I having another stroke ?”when we experience head pains , chest or stomach pains few weeks or months after stroke. I did twice , A&E once and Doctor on both occasions was due to stress and anxiety and bit of depression. If it persists ask professionals advice. Your not alone

I’m guessing your sinuses are affected by your cold. The sinuses are positioned in the cheek area, along the sides of the nose and up over the top of your eyebrows in your forehead. So, it’s common to have those areas around your eyes to be affected, and the nearby nerves to be irritated-- so head aches can result. After a stroke, we all worry about another one. Best not to waste your energy worrying. Just take good care of your health, take preventative measures, get plenty of healthy food, water and rest. Focus on the positive. :slightly_smiling_face: Jeanne