He doesn't have the capacity to make decisions

My partner had a deep intracranial bleed on his brain. Doctors are saying he has not got the capacity to make decisions. He has been in hospital for 3-months in a purpose built unit with physiotherapist and speech therapist. It has come too light that he has refused physiotherapy for the past week. This contradicts what doctors are saying that he does not have the capacity to make decisions. I’m a bit confused as it appears he has made a decision regarding physio everyday for a week

@Reilly welcome although sorry your partner has had a stroke.

I don’t know much about capacity to make decisions but I wonder if when the physios have turned up he refuses to participate. I would assume that they can’t force him to participate.

I would ask the staff what having capacity to make decisions actually means & where the line is drawn in relation to decision making.

Hope things get better soon.

Best wishes.