Having a little lie down

Did a lot yesterday.

Made a loaf of bread first thing, then made marmalade and bottled it.

Tickled around with my sourdough starter.

Had a visit from an OT who looked over my living arrangements and offered some improvements.

Made a batch of yogurt.

Refrigerated it all, apart from the Occupational Therapist, who had to get back to where ever it is that OT’s come from.

This morning I decided to sort out some kilner jars for the yogurt.

Well the jars are in a cupboard behind my chair in the lounge.

Due to onstraints on space I had to lever the chair upwards as I pulled open the cupboard doors.

This opening and levering was an acrobatic performance which I executed while trying to reach for the Kilner jars.

I say executed, it was I who was almost executed. At this stage in my performance the chair shifted, the jars tumbled about and the cupboard door started to close.

I slid downwards; trapped in the midst of all this, as in the jaws of a trap.

It was at this point, not able to move, I realised my stroked self is quite a bit (lot) weaker than I give my self credit for.

It was early morning Hilary was in bed fast asleep I was in a strange contorted position with my weak leg bent under me and my arm half trapped by the cupboard door. The weight off the arm chair locked me and everything else in position.

Now I am the sort of guy who gets himself into predicaments and I have learned that calling for help can result in loss of priviledges and having to hang one’s head, as well.

So I wriggled a bit. Managed to get myself free of the trap and was left lying on the floor looking up at the ceiling.

Well, after all, it was time for a break after all the activity of the previous day.

To cut a long story short, something I very rarely do, after bending arm and foot in opposite and painful directions I managed to get back into a standing position.

I’m now here writing at my laptop, shortly going to make myself a hot brew.

I still have to somehow put the armchair back as it was, the right way up, and sort the jars out, so the lounge no longer looks like we had a visit from a burglar.

All before Hilary gets up.

If I don’t sort it out there will be no television for me this evening.

Got to
keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:


Oh dear :slight_smile:

Well I think from here your signature phrase of keep on keeping on seems appropriate

I too had a similar situation in the garden where I ended in a hole that I had dug and found that my limbs wernt strong enough to leever me up to ground level to crawl out of it (It was only 18 in deep and 5 ft long. I wouldn’t have called for help for the same reasons but I couldn’t anyway cuz I was in the garden and Lea was in the house

I hope there’s nothing too bruised broken or otherwise unreversible

You might not normally consider it but Wimbledon’s on the telly today so you could claim to be interested while recuperating from any physical bumps


Oh my. What a pickle @Bobbi hope you are none the worse for your early morning adventures.

Sounds like you need someone to keep an eye on you to stop you causing too much mischief :rofl::rofl:

It reminds me of a time when i pulled over my mums cabinet with all her crystal glasses in it…and i didn’t have a stroke to blame for that just stupidity :grin::grin:

Hope all ok & you’re able to watch the TV later. :grin:

Take it easy.



I had a strange feeling whilst I was asleep this morning. You know how it is. I knew something was happening but thought that if I open my eyes enough I would then have to get up and I would then have to get involved, so I didn’t. Reading this rendition of @Bobbi 's saga I am glad that I listened to myself.

This story wont be the end of today’s escapades I can feel it in my waters…


I probably shouldn’t have, but I must confess to having a bit of a chuckle at your antics this morning. Take it easy today (@HHilary will be watching you like a hawk)


When I first came out hospital I could sort of
I was potting around in the garden one day so lea came out to find me and discovered I was up a ladder on the shed roof

I did of course observe an abundance of caution I actually had two ladders (she can hear me dictating this and she’s just bursting a bits of :rofl: )


I’m pleased to say I managed to wrestle chair back into position before rescuing some more equipment from a drawer.

Everything is back in place and as she did spot these writings (someone must have blabbed). I now only have to convince her I really am not a risk to myself and others.

It does give me something to write about, anyway.

:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:



That was entertaining to read…scary for you, at the time, I imagine
I haven’t managed to fall, in my 9 months post stroke, but I’ve come close a few times.

Good luck, Roland


It was ironic, so be careful, I told the OT who visited yesterday that it was months since anything like that had happened and I felt I was much stronger and more stable now.
Oh how our words can trip us up.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
You did get yourself in a bit of a pickle down there, what were you doing do…snap your stroke arm into action to rescue the other one :laughing: Bit drastic don’t you think :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Being stuck in that predicament might have been a good opportunity to spur it along though.

Hope you’re not too bruised up and maybe take it a bit easier for the rest of the day :wink:

But your antics and the trouble you get into with your wife reminds me of another guy I know from another forum. Heck you even have the same facial hair, but he’s as grey as you are red in your profile pic and he lives in the states…distant relative perhaps :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



. . . and there was me, thinking I was one of a kind.

I survived and avoided the bruises this time.

I did discover I was much weaker than I had supposed.


That’s one of the frustrating things about strokes, the atrophy :confounded: It’s taken me 18 months to build my strength back up again to such level I can push the hoover around again and even lift a 50L bag of compost and carry it on my shoulder…but I still struggle moving the couch and armchairs :sweat_smile:


Discovered this little beauty hidden in the cupboard behind my chair, brewed, bottled and labelled by yours truly, before stroke.

:champagne: :grin: :+1:

Shared with my wife over the last couple of days. Gone now but not forgotten (the bottle, not the wife!).
It is one of a few still waiting to be consumed. We had no notion in 2018 of how things would turn out over the ensuing five years. Anyhow the wine is nicely matured. It will be consumed in moderation.


Must admit that the wine has mellowed. The first time we, @Bobbi tried it years ago it was disgusting, watered down banana skins with a hint of chemical ethylene. Definitely not champagne :champagne: :nerd_face: :smiley: